How can I get my parents away from my bulling brother?

I have a lawyer but he has so many clients that I am on the back burner.My brother (JR) is executor of their trust which isn't finished yet,which he forced them to sign.Jr doesn't have P.O.A. but he has a Notice that he is administator of them.Jr has them trapped in his house that he forged dads sign. on,the house is worth $308,000 and Jr sold it to dad for $417,000.State Police and Pros. Atty. are invest. Jr for adult abuse.Dept. of Human Serv. invest. for abuse of them.Jr is sue happy,sues everyone for anything.Jr leases Semis & Trailers then doesn't pay so people have to sue him for their property.Fed Gov. is invest Jr for no insur. on drivers.Jr is a crook.I want to sue him for slander,Jr filed paperwork in Probate court against me and everything he put in there was a lie and I have the paperwork to prove it.I had to borrow money for this lawyer and I don't have money for another one.I am tired of Jr walking all over the rest of us,there are 5 of us.Doctors papwrk. say they are incap. of making decisions and have altered thought processes.Jr. filed against me in Tenn. for my land to be sold and dad thinks that Jr just wants to land cut in half.Jr tells dad 1 thing then does another.Jr stole my tractor and parents things for Tenn and transported them across several state lines and law enforcement won't help us.Jr. has all of their money and it working on all of their property.Parents names on my property because they were building a house there but Jr. has stopped that.I need help to stop Jr before Jr has my land and all of my siblings properties,Jr is also going after them now.Please help me.Thanks

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