Family of Car Accident Awarded $35 Million Lawsuit
Family of Car Accident Awarded $35 Million

$33 Million Awarded to Boy Injured by Drunken Driver Lawsuit
Drunk Driver To Pay $33 Million to Injured Friend

Man Attacked in Bar Awarded $10 Million Lawsuit
$10 Million Personal Injury Settlement For Man Attacked In Bar

$40 Million Awarded in SUV Rollover Lawsuit Lawsuit
$40 Million Awarded in SUV Rollover Lawsuit

Victim of Sexual Attack Awarded $1.4 Million Lawsuit
Victim of Sexual Attack Awarded $1.5 Million

Pedestrian Injured by Taxi Awarded $1 Million Lawsuit
Pedestrian Injured by Taxi Awarded $1 Million

New Study Links Cell Phone Radiation to Increased Health Risks Lawsuit
Cell Phone Radiation Is Your Phone Toxic?

$15 Million Settlement Awarded to Family of Plane Crash Victim Lawsuit
$15 Million Settlement Awarded to Family of Plane Crash Victim

Crest Pro-Health Rinse Lawsuit
Associated with Brown Stains on Teeth

Taser Death Lawsuit
Lawsuit Settled for $625,000

Agent Orange, Lawsuit
Heart Disease, and Parkinson's Disease may be Linked

Contaminated Syringes Lawsuit
Denver Hospital Notifies Patients of Possible Hep C Infection

Great Escape Lodge and Indoor Water Park Lawsuit
Faces Class Action

Wal-Mart Lawsuit
Avoids Criminal Charges over Clerk's Death

Oil and Gas Lawsuit
industry workers allegedly subject to serious accident injury from hazardous conditions.

Canadian Crash Victim Lawsuit
Awarded $17 Million Personal Injury Settlement

Bus Injury Victim Lawsuit
Awarded $27.5 Million Settlement

Burger King Lawsuit
Settles Brain Injury Suit for $20 Million

Exploding iPod Touch Lawsuit
Mother of Injured Boy Sues Apple

Moonshin Tattoo Parlour Lawsuit
Faces $20 Million Class Action Over Dirty Needles

Altria's Phillip Morris Lawsuit
to Pay $8 Million to Smoker's Widow

Philip Morris Lawsuit
Jury Decides Against Big Tobacco

US Airways Flight 1549 Lawsuit
Crashes into Hudson River

US Army Helicopter Crashes On Campus Lawsuit
1 Crew Member dies

Virgin Atlantic Flight Lawsuit
Makes Emergency Landing

R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Lawsuit
Facing Potential Class Action

Continental Crash Lawsuit
Flight 1404 Crash Probed by FAA

Mentor OB Tape Lawsuit
vaginal sling can allegedly various problems and even permanent injury.

Swim N Score Dive Sticks Lawsuit
Recalled due to Potential for Impalement

Restaurant Explosions Lawsuit
Injures 6 In Peublo, Colorado

Chicago's Metra Transit Lawsuit
Settles Suit fo $11 Million

Texas A&M University Lawsuit
Settles Bonfire Lawsuit for $2.1 Million

AIG Settles Injury Claim Lawsuit
for $18 Million

$31 Million Verdict Lawsuit
Against Camden New Jersey

Personal Injury Settlement Lawsuit
2 Texas Men Awarded $1.5 Million in Compensation

Big Dig Tunnel Lawsuit
Wrongful Death Suit Settled for $28 Million

LA Commuter Rail Accident Lawsuit
At Least 13 Injured

Train Crash Lawsuit
25 Dead, 135 Injured in LA Rail Disaster

9/11 Lawsuit
Health Effects Aftermath

Pillows in Cribs Lawsuit
CPSC Warns of Dangerous to Babies

Rock Band Great White Lawsuit
Settles Over 2003 Station NightClub Fire

Black Henna Tattoos with PPD Lawsuit
Pose Serious Health Risks

Hazing Death Lawsuit
Phoummarath Family Receives $4.2 Million Settlement

BP Lawsuit
Settles More Claims From Texas Refinery Explosion

Roman Catholic Church Lawsuit
Diocese of Antigonish faces class action over abuse by a priest

Personal Injury Lawsuit
Appeals Court Upholds Congressional Legislation

Station Night Club Lawsuit
More Settlements Reached

Couple Reaches Settlement Lawsuit
Survived Helicopter Crash but Permanently Injured

Job Site Fatalities Increase Lawsuit
Safety Experts Concerned

Westin Hotel Lawsuit
Undisclosed settlement in valet driver negligence lawsuit.

Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority Lawsuit
$2.3 million settlement reached in wrongful death lawsuit.

State of Virginia Lawsuit
$11 million settlement reached in Virginia Tech massacre.

Hampton Inn Lawsuit
Third Case of Legionnaires' Disease Linked to McHenry Hampton Inn Hot Tub

Sudan Plane Crash Lawsuit
100 People Believed Dead

Anheuser-Busch and McLaughlin & Moran Lawsuit
$21 million settlement reached in wrongful death lawsuits.

Island Express Lawsuit
Helicopter Crash Kills Three, Injures three

Dr. Richard Glunk Lawsuit
$20 million settlement reached in medical negligence and wrongful death lawsuit.

TACA Airlines Lawsuit
Five Dead, 65 Injured in Crash

Bunk Beds Lawsuit
Injuries on the rise

Chemical Companies Lawsuit
alleging danger to people living near the plants.

Onyx Waste Services Lawsuit
$650,000 payout in wrongful death lawsuit.

Hanford, CA Lawsuit
$15 million settlement in personal injury lawsuit.

NASCAR Lawsuit
Undisclosed settlement reached in wrongful death lawsuit.

Juvenile Disabled Lawsuit
Kings County pays $4 million in inmate hanging settlement.

Speedway Fatality Lawsuit
'Amazing Race' family wins lawsuit with Daytona Speedway.

Natural Gas Explosion Lawsuit
Questar settles 7-figure natural gas explosion lawsuit.

Lighter Blamed in House Fire Lawsuit
Cricket Lighters settles $200,00 wrongful death lawsuit.

Killer Heir Lawsuit
Estate of Fred Keller pays $40 million settlement.

ATV Yamaha Rhino Lawsuit
Posible Juicio Por Vuelco.

Negligencia Lawsuit
Herida causada por negligencia.

Restraining Chair Lawsuit
Santa Cruz County agree to $3 million wrongful death settlement after an inmate died while in jail.

Plane Crash Lawsuit
Family awarded $15 million wrongful death settlement after surgeon dies while trying to land his aircraft.

Falling Tree Lawsuit
City of Anaheim pays $700,000 wrongful death settlement after tree crushes a man to death while in his van.

Ferry Crash Lawsuit
New York awards man who had to amputate his leg after the accident a $6.5 million personal injury settlement.

Icy Fall Lawsuit
Super Eight Motel pays Horse veterinarian $2 million personal injury settlement.

Foster Sisters Lawsuit
Department of Children and Family Services and Penny Lane Centers pay $420,000 child abuse settlement.

Teacher Student Abuse Lawsuit
Beaufort County agrees to pay $300,000 settlement to abuse victim.

School House Abuse Lawsuit
Selwyn House School agrees to $5 million teacher molestation settlement.

Tipping Stoves Lawsuit
alleging improperly installed appliances can tip and cause injury.

Excessive Arrest Lawsuit
City of Worcester agrees to pay pizza vendor $100,000 settlement after breaking nine bones in his face.

Jailhouse Hanging Lawsuit
City of River Rouge pays family a $1.8 million wrongful death settlement.

Fatal Drug Bust Lawsuit
City of Louisville awards family a $250,000 wrongful death settlement after a police officer shot a 19-year-old boy.

Excessive Force Lawsuit
Washtenaw County pays family $4 million wrongful death settlement.

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