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A divorce case may be more complex than you imagine. Typically, a divorce proceeding begins when you or your spouse files a petition with the court and that petition has been served on you or them.

Then, depending on the circumstances and the complexity of the issues involved, a hearing may be scheduled to establish temporary orders. Temporary orders establish responsibility for payment of bills and expenses while the divorce is pending, short-term custody arrangements, temporary visitation schedules and child support, and any other issues that must be resolved right away in order to protect the health and assets of the parties during the divorce.

In some states, if the parties agree on all issues, a divorce case can be finalized in just a few weeks. In others, there is a mandatory waiting period between the filing of the divorce petition and the decree. If a contested hearing is required, a divorce case may take many months to resolve; some high-profile, high-asset cases with complex financial issues or hotly contested custody battles may take even longer.

Our local divorce lawyers can explain the typical time sequence and what you can expect as your divorce case moves forward.

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