Infant Teething Tablets Containing Belladonna Recalled Lawsuit
Infant Teething Tablets Containing Belladonna Recalled

Fentanyl Patches Recalled Lawsuit
Fentanyl Patches Recalled

FDA Review of Prostate Cancer Treatment Prompts Warning of Risk for Diabetes Lawsuit
Prostate Cancer Treatment FDA Review Prompts Warning of Risk for Diabetes

Excelsior Medical Recalls 5 ml Fill in 6 cc Prefilled Saline Flush Syringes Lawsuit
Excelsior Medical Recalls 5 ml Fill in 6 cc Prefilled Saline Flush Syringes

$3.78 Million Dilantin Settlement Following Death of 9-Year-Old Girl Lawsuit
$3.78 Million Dilantin Settlement Following Death of 9-Year-Old Girl>

FDA Determines Menaflex Should Not Have Been Cleared for Marketing Lawsuit
Menaflex Collagen Scaffold FDA Says Should not Have Been Cleared

Nationwide Recall Of All Lots Of Tylenol Arthritis Pain 100 Count With Ez-Open Cap Lawsuit
Tylenol Arthritis Pain 100 Count With Ez-Open Cap All Lots Recalled Nationally

Teva Animal Health Expands Ketamine Hydrochloride Recall Lawsuit
Teva Animal Health Expands Ketamine Hydrochloride Recall

Vicks Dayquil Cold & Flu Liquicaps Recalled Lawsuit
Vicks Dayquil Cold & Flu Liquicaps Recalled

Nationwide Recall Issued for Certain Lots of Cleviprex Lawsuit
Nationwide Recall Issued for Certain Lots of Cleviprex

FDA Issues Early Safety Communication About Meridia Diet Pill Lawsuit
Meridia Diet Pill FDA Issues Early Safety Communication

FDA Issues Safety Warning About Valproic Acid and Divalproex Sodium Lawsuit
Valproic Acid and Divalproex Sodium FDA Issues Safety Warning About Risk for Birth Defects

Hormone Replacement Therapy Lawsuits See Multi-Million Dollar Settlements Lawsuit
HRT Lawsuits Pharma Faces Multi Million Dollar Settlements

P&G Recalls Specific Lots of Vicks Sinex Nasal Spray Lawsuit
P&G Recalls Specific Lots of Vicks Sinex Nasal Spray

Cardiovascular Systems Initiates Recall of ViperSheath Lawsuit
Cardiovascular Systems Initiates Voluntary Recall of ViperSheath

Clopidogrel Marketed as Plavix FDA Issues Public Health Advisory Lawsuit
Clopidogrel Marketed as Plavix FDA Issues Public Health Advisory

FFDA Issues Warning about Stolen Albuterol Sulfate Inhalation Solution and Ipratropium Bromide Inhalation Solution Lawsuit
Albuterol, Ipratropium FDA Warns Consumers not to Use

Class 1 Recall of LIFEPAK CR Plus Automated External Defibrillators Lawsuit
LIFEPAK CR Plus Automated External Defibrillators Class 1 Recall Issued

FDA Issues Warning about Promethazine Hydrochloride Injection Lawsuit
Promethazine Hydrochloride Injection FDA issues warning

Forest Laboratories Potentially Illegal Marketing Lawsuit
Forest Laboratories Potentially Illegal Marketing

FDA Issues Update on Safety Review Orlistat Lawsuit
Orlistat FDA Issues Update on Safety Review

Nationwide Recall of Qualitest Insulin Syringes Lawsuit
Qualitest Insulin Syringes Nationwide Recall Issued

FDA Issues Warning Regarding Topical Ibuprofen Drug Products Lawsuit
Topical Ibuprofen Drug Products FDA Issues Warning Letters

Hospira AC Power Cord Recall Lawsuit
Hospira AC Power Cord Recall

Nationwide recall of Dextroamphetamine/Amphetamine 20mg by Barr Laboratories Lawsuit
Dextroamphetamine/Amphetamine 20mg Recalled By Barr Laboratories

FDA Warns of Potentially Fatal Errors with GDH-PQQ Glucose Monitoring Technology Lawsuit
Glucose Monitoring Technology FDA Warns of Potentially Fatal Errors

82 Year Old Lawsuit
Awarded $6 Million in SJS Lawsuit

Cardinal Health Lawsuit
Issues Class 1 Recall of Alaris System

Merck, Schering Lawsuit
Settle Vytorin Zetia Class Action

Lymphoma, Leukemia Lawsuit
Linked to TNF Blockers

Insurers Lawsuit
Reach $80 Million Settlement with Merck over Vioxx

Abbott Lawsuit
Issues Recall of POWERSAIL Coronary Dilatation Catheters

Stabilet Infant Warmer Lawsuit
Recalled by Drager

Propofol Lawsuit
Injectable Emulsion 10 mg/mL 100 mL vials Recalled

Xolair Lawsuit
FDA Issues Early Communication over Safety Data

Schering Plough, Merck Lawsuit
Settle Multi-State Investigation for $5.4 Million

Concentrated Acetaminophen Drops Lawsuit
Recalled by Brookstone Pharmaceuticals

Darvon Lawsuit
Other Propoxyphene-Containing Meds to Require Stronger Warnings

Pull Vicodin, Percocet Lawsuit
Expert Panel Advises FDA

Pms-Phenobarbital 60 Mg Lawsuit
Health Canada Issues Recall

Blood Clots Lawsuit
Associated with Oral Contraceptives Yaz and Yasmin

Zicam Cold Remedies Lawsuit
FDA Advises "Don't Use"

ADHD Stimulant Medications Lawsuit
Linked to Sudden Unexplained Death in Children

Medtronic Kappa and Sigma Pacemakers Lawsuit
FDA Issues Class I Recall

Clarcon Skin Products Lawsuit
Found to Contain Infectious Bacteria

Class Action Filed Lawsuit
over Safety and Efficacy of Budeprion XL

Antidepressants Lawsuit
May Increase Risk for Recurrent Cancer

Rituxan Lawsuit
FDA Reviews Cancer Medication Associated with PML

ReNu Lens Cleaner Lawsuit
600 Lawuits Settled and Counting

Acetaminophen Lawsuit
FDA Wants New Safety Warnings

Clarion Cochlear Lawsuit
allegedly recalled implant stimulators due to malfunction.

Flomax Lawsuit
Increases Risk of Cataract Surgery Complications

Health Canada Issues Warning Lawsuit
for Antibiotic Rofact (Rifampin)

Guidant Lawsuit
Faces Canadian Defective Pacemaker Class Action

UPDATE 1: Caraco Digoxin Recall Lawsuit

Caraco Brand 0.25 mg Digoxin Tablets Recalled Lawsuit
due to Size Variability

Digoxin Recalled Lawsuit
Due to Irregular Sized Tablets

GSK Paxil Lawsuit
Proposed $28 Million Settlement Reached

Cardiac Arrhythmia Drug Recalled Lawsuit
Recall Affects 1 lot of 225 mg Propafenone Tablets

Hospital Infection Lawsuit
allegedly resulting from medical malpractice.

Baxter Electronic Infusion Pumps Lawsuit
FDA Issues Urgent Class I Recall

Transdermal Drug Patches Lawsuit
Risk of Burns Missing From Some Labeling

Wyeth Lawsuit
to Pay Amputee $6.7 Million in Landmark Case

Seroquel Lawsuit
Data on Diabetes Buried

Metoclopramide Lawsuit
Associated with Development of Movement Disorder

Medtronic Lawsuit
Leads Failing

Zonisamide Lawsuit
FDA Issues Information on Risk for Metabolic Acidosis

Raptiva Lawsuit
3 Patients Dead from Therapy-Related PML

Pfizer, Pharmacia Lawsuit
Found Guilty of Medicaid Fraud

Xigris Lawsuit
Study Prompts FDA Safety Review

Darvocet Lawsuit
FDA Expert Panel Votes for Ban

Ethex Corporation Product Recall Lawsuit

Topical Anesethics Lawsuit
FDA Warns of Life Threatening Side Effects

Zyprexa Settlement Lawsuit
Costs Lilly $1.4 Billion

Vicks VapoRub Lawsuit
Linked to Breathing Difficulties in Infants and Toddlers

Dobutamine Hydrochloride Injection Lawsuit
Labeling Errors Prompts Recall of 250 mg/20 ml Injections

Trasylol Lawsuit
Bayer Faces Canadian Class Action

Antipsychotic Medications Lawsuit
Incease Risk of Death in Alzheimer's Patients

Piperacillin/Tazobactam for Injection Recalled Lawsuit
Health Canada Warns of Health Risks

Duragesic Pain Patch Lawsuit
Recalled Again

Fosamax Lawsuit
Possible Link with Esophageal Cancer

Healon D Lawsuit
Reports of Postoperative Eye Problems Prompts FDA Recall

Dysport Lawsuit
Linked to Severe Birth Defects

Wrinkle-Fillers Lawsuit
FDA to Review Labeling due to Adverse Event Reports

Bacteria-Contaminated Acne Cream Lawsuit
National Recall Issued

Plavix and Nexium Lawsuit
A Potentially Dangerous Combination

Mylicon Baby's Gas Relief Drops Lawsuit
Urgently Recalled Nationwide

Paxil Lawsuit
Found to Damage Sperm and Inhibit Fertility

ETHEX Corp Lawsuit
5 Generic Drugs Recalled Due to Risk of Death From Overdose

FenPhen Lawsuit
Serious Heart Problems Found In Ex-Users

ReliOn Insulin Syringes Recalled Lawsuit
Risk of Death from Overdose

Ketek Lawsuit
allegedly causing potentially life threatening Stevens Johnson Syndrome (SJS) skin reaction.

Children's Motrin Lawsuit
allegedly causing Stevens Johnson Syndrome (SJS) potentially life threatening skin inflammations.

Tarceva Lawsuit
Safety Data Show Association with Liver Failure and Death

Unapproved Drugs Lawsuit
Causing Vision Loss and Blood Pressure Problems

Lipitor Lawsuit
Review of Studies Show No Significant Benefit in Women

Tylenol Lawsuit
Linked to Risk of Asthma in Children

Phosphocol P 32 Lawsuit
Linked to Risk Of Leukemia In Children

Procrit Lawsuit
Associated with Death in Stroke Study

COPD Drug Lawsuit
allegedly increases risk of death from cardiovascular and respiratory events.

Fake Drugs Lawsuit
Life Threatening Incidents

$8 Million from Rezulin Class Action Lawsuit
Will Go to Medical Research

Online Medication Sites Lawsuit
Prescription Drugs Sold Without Prescriptions

Cipro Lawsuit
The FDA is seeking to add black box warnings of the risk of tendon rupture associated with Cipro and Levaquin.

The ruptures can involve Achilles tendon, shoulder, hand, bicep or thumb tendons, and is especially increased in patients older than 60, or people who have received kidney, heart or lung transplants, as well as people on steroid therapy.

Cipro tendon rupture Bayer AG developed Cipro--the first fluoroquinolone to be on the market—in 1987: since that time studies have shown that Cipro and other fluoroquinolones have been misprescribed and overprescribed and Cipro should only be used as a "last resort" antibiotic.

One study on lab rats found that the rodents' Achilles tendons underwent "degenerative alterations" shortly after Cipro therapy began and ruptures continued to occur even after the animals stopped receiving the drug. Researchers now believe that Cipro may cause a toxic effect on connective tissue structures, thereby explaining tendon ruptures. Researchers speculate that Cipro tendon rupture may be as high as 1 in 250.

On July 8, 2008 the FDA gave Cipro a black box warning after Public Citizen, a public interest watchdog organization, brought the issue to trial. Black box warnings are the strongest warnings the FDA issues. The warning appears in bold type, surrounded by a black box to make sure it stands out.

The FDA recommends that physicians should advise patients to stop taking Cipro at the first sign of tendon pain, swelling or inflammation, as these symptoms can precede tendon rupture.

Gardasil Lawsuit
Merck's HPV Vaccine Linked to Paralysis

Kentucky lawyers Lawsuit
fraud case ends in mistrial.

FDA Lawsuit
Life-Threatening Complications Associated with Recombinant Human Bone Graft Products

CellCept Lawsuit
Roche Issues Changes to Warnings and Adverse Events

Medicaid Fraud Lawsuit
GSK and Novartis Face $800 Million in Penalties

Health Insurers Lawsuit
Dictating Medical Decisions

Florida Medicaid Lawsuit
Limiting Coverage of Drugs for Kids

Tensor Heat Therapy Patches Lawsuit
Urgent Recall

Abacavir Lawsuit
Potential Increase Risk for Cardiac Events

Bush Administration Lawsuit
class action settlement ensures Medicaid beneficiaries can continue to purchase prescription drugs at minimum cost when they become eligible for Medicare.

CVS Lawsuit
Consumer Products Sold Past Their Expirey Dates

Gleevec Lawsuit
Possible Case of Kidney Damage Reported

Pesticides Lawsuit
Long-Term Exposure Linked to Diabetes

Remicade, Enbrel, Humira, Cimzia Lawsuit
FDA Investigating Link to Cancers

Medtronic Inc. Lawsuit
stents coated with contaminated heparin recalled

Tuberculosis Testing: Lawsuit
False Positives

McKesson Corp. Lawsuit
$13.25 million settlement in lifestyle drug abuse lawsuit.

Mommy's Bliss Lawsuit
Nipple Cream Potentially Harmful

Xiadafil VIP Lawsuit
Recalled due to Undeclared Ingredient

Vioxx Advertising Lawsuit
Merck agrees to pay $58 million settlement in multistate lawsuit.

Oral HRT Lawsuit
More Than Doubles the Risk of Blood Clots

Drug Pusher Lawsuit
Biovail agrees to pay $24.6 million settlement in criminal lawsuit.

Vytorin Lawsuit
alleged risk of heart attack and liver damage.

Health Plan Boycott Lawsuit
Connecticut chiropractic groups to pay $87,000 fine in civil suit.

Ayuda Legal Para Victimas de Ataque Cardiaco (Infarto) o Derrame Cerebral por Ezetrol Lawsuit

Donjoy Inc. and DJ Ortho, Canada Inc. Lawsuit
alleging pain pumps are linked to chondrolysis.

Airborne Settlement Lawsuit
Company agrees to pay consumers $23.3 million class action settlement for false advertising.

Endoscopy Center of Southern Nevada Lawsuit
alleging gross negligence in reusing syringes linked to a hepatitis C outbreak.

Parches Para Dolor Duragesic Lawsuit
acusando de daño por parches de dolor defectivos.

Health Insurance Lawsuit
alleging health insurance companies have forced patients to pay more than they should when using doctors and hospitals outside their insurer's networks.

Unsuitable Blood Lawsuit
FDA fines Red Cross $4.6 million for distributing tainted blood products.

Nobel Biocare Nobel Direct Lawsuit
alleging dental implants have a high failure rate.

Adult Care Lawsuit
Friendship Care Assisted Living ordered to pay $20,000 fine for facility violations and negligence.

Louisiana, USA Lawsuit
allegedly providing inadequate medical care for low income residents.

Miralus Inc. Lawsuit
alleging HeadOn is not safe or effective.

Class Action Law Suits

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Discrimination Lawsuits
Drug & Medical Claims Lawsuits
Food & Dietary Supplement Lawsuits
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