SunTrust Mortgage Faces Class Action over Alleged HAMP Breach of Contract Lawsuit
SunTrust Mortgage Faces Class Action over Mortgage Restructuring

Seattle Mortgage Co Faces California Class Action Lawsuit
Seattle Mortgage Co Faces California Class Action

Aurora Loan Faces Class Action over Mortgage Review Services Lawsuit
Aurora Loan Faces Class Action over Mortgage Review Services

Chicago Golf Course Lawsuit
101 Year Old Owner Must Get $25 Million for Property

Wachovia Lawsuit
Home Owners Launch Mortgage Class Action

Property ID Class Action Lawsuit
Settled for $39 Million

Merrill Lynch Lawsuit
Agrees a $475 Million Settlement with Ohio Teachers

Grand River Dam Authority Lawsuit
Faces Class Action over Flood Damage

Chevy Chase Bank Lawsuit
lawsuit claims the bank is in violation of the Truth in Lending Act

Coldwater Ranch Lawsuit
Agrees to pay $50,000 settlement in roads dispute.

The Plainfield School District Lawsuit
$10,500 settlement resolves eminent domain dispute.

Home Buyers Consulting Network, Inc. Lawsuit
$613, 000 settlement reached in federal laws violation dispute.

National City Mortgage Lawsuit
$4.6 million settlement resolves mortgage suit.

Engle Homes Lawsuit
accused of deceiving homebuilders regarding unexploded bombs in building sites.

Wesley A. Snyder et al. Lawsuit
alleging the consultants perpetrated a Ponzi scheme by encouraging borrowers to lend more than they needed.

Parks Department Lawsuit
Chicago to pay $2 million settlement in playfield lawsuit.

Land Appraisal Lawsuit
Denham Springs agrees to $2 million settlement in development lawsuit.

Colonial Theater Lawsuit
Allentown to pay $50,000 settlement in property lawsuit.

City of Warren Lawsuit
alleging property damage caused by city mandated trees

Downtown Improvement Lawsuit
Springfield to pay more than $2.5 million settlement in eminent domain lawsuit.

Rent Controlled Apartments Lawsuit
Landlord to pay $10 million settlement after forcing out low income tenants and then selling the buildings for a profit.

Housing Buyer Discrimination Lawsuit
White homeowner settles $30,000 buyer-discrimination lawsuit.

Condemned Redevelopment Lawsuit
City of Baltimore agrees to $7.8 million property use dispute settlement with Warner Street Inc.

Viviendas, Inquilinos y Dueńos Lawsuit
legal issues.

Tax Jurisdictions Lawsuit
Midland County et al. agree to $137 million settlement in property tax dispute.

Landfill Eminent Domain Lawsuit
Surry County pays $800,000 settlement to purchase farm land for town dump.

Property Tax Lawsuit
City of Midland agrees to refund Midland Cogeneration Venture $36.2 million for over assessing land.

Stadium Eminent Domain Lawsuit
City of Arlington agrees to $2 million Dallas Cowboys stadium settlement.

KB Home and Countrywide Financial Corp. Lawsuit
allegedly conspired with appraisers to boost housing prices as the market crashed.

Eminent Domain Lawsuit
University of Akron pays property owner $443,000 settlement.

Juniper Ridge Lawsuit
Bend City agrees to pay Juniper Ridge Partners a $2.56 million settlement regarding city development.

US Government Lawsuit
alleging land surveyors should not be allowed on private property to build a US Mexican border wall.

Condo Eminent Domain Lawsuit
Maui pays $4.1 million settlement to property owner.

Burst Drain Pipe Lawsuit
Town of Smithtown agrees to pay homeowners $260,000 property damage settlement.

Faulty Homes Lawsuit
Fleetwood Enterprises Inc. pays HUD $75,000 civil penalty for defective construction.

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