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How do you recover money from a stop payment placed on a personal check given to you?

My husband made an agreement with a man to purchase his motorcycle, by paying of the total amount of the loan that the man had owed to harley davidson. They agreed on the selling price of $10,900. But, the amount to pay off the seller's loan with harley was $11,330.36. So, my husband got a certified bank check made out for the $11,330.36, and my husband and seller verbally agreed that the seller would just rebate my husband back the $433.36 with a check, at time of bike pick up (for which we drove 6 states away to get!).

We then find out a week later, as my husband waited a few days to deposit the check into his acct, that the seller placed a stop payment on the personal check he wrote for $433.36. We have been calling and leaving messages ---they refuse to call us back. We found out that the husband and wife both filed for bankruptcy back in 1998 or so, and we really want an explanation from them on this. This is stealing and it should not be legal to stop payment on a personal check, just because someone doesnt feel like paying somebody after an agreement was made!!!! We called the police in the seller's town ---but their laws dont cover stop payments on checks (in NH). They also said they couldnt do anything b/c it was under $500.

[Get a free evaluation of your bankruptcy case by a qualified attorney.]

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