How to cash a cashier's check without ID?

I need to know how to cash a cashiers check made out to my self employed bussiness with no ID. I work for my self as a mechanic. I recently did some work on a car and the owner never paid me. Well an investigator cantacted me wanting to pay me for my services because they were looking to repo the car from the owner because of no payment on lease. I am a mobile repair service and my services are called R&R Automotive (mobile repair services). The investigator then sends me a cashiers check made out to R & R Automotive in return for this vehicle. My problem is that I have no I.D. but thats not really a problem because my fiance handles all of the finances anyways but I am getting th run around on cashing this cashiers check because I have nothing saying I am R & R Automotive. I am just wondering if there is any tips or information I should know that could help me in cashing this check a.s.a.p.

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