Are you entitled to mileage pay every time you use your vehicle for work purposes, even as a manager?

I am an install manager for a security company and I drive job to job using my personal vehicle and install security systems. The company I work for does does pay us $0.44 a mile to the job and then they calculate an average return miles back to the shop, which is not true mileage and I believe is not fair. I am also in charge of other issues, such as meeting my technicians out in the field for training purposes. This is when I do not get mileage pay at all. Our distance on jobs can be up to 100 miles sometimes even more. Also, if we drive to a job and the customer just wants a quote, we don't get paid nothing, not even mileage either. I like the company I work for and the work I do, its just not fair in my opinion with the mileage scenario. ARE THEY FINDING A LOOP HOLE TO WHERE THEY ARE GETTING AWAY WITH THIS?

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