Can I sue my employer for being unethical, undue stress, and making false promises to get me to stay at my job?

My employer, for whom I have been with for 9 months, recently demoted me from a manger position without prior notice or a review of my work for the past nine months. He promised that I would receive medical benefits after 6 months and tuition reimbursement for any classes that I took related to business. I signed up for 3 businesses classes that I started after working here for eight months, and he refused to reimburse me, telling me that the program had been canceled without notice. He constantly asks me the same questions over and over even though I've already answered them verbally and in writing, and he cut my hours and my pay without any notice. Also, he told me that if I have to leave early because of an appointment or if one of my kids gets sick, that I won't be paid for the next day even if I clock in for work. Do I have the right to sue him for these things?

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