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Can my ex-husband get out of paying me spousal support.

He is a very smart man who is always looking for ways around things. The judge granted our divorce for December 12,2007, and my ex-husband told me that he just got married just before Thanksgiving. He is a student at Cal State & will be finished this semester. He is telling me that it is hard for him to keep up his 72hrs. due to cut backs on the job, in which I called to find out if that is true, and I was told they just closed off one hallway, but it does not affect the employees. I am a Certified Nurse Assistant and single mom. My son is not with my ex-husband he's from a previous marriage. My ex husband grossed 51,000 in 2006 and did not have to show tax returns when we went to court because it was not the end of the tax year. I have a feeling that by his wife working he is trying to cut back on his hours to get out of paying support. However last year I grossed only 8,000. I make $9.00hr., but this year I expect to have grossed 19,000 including the support that I have recieved for the year from my ex-husband. While all the time he made this kind of money I was unaware and I still live in the studio apartment that we lived in for the 4yrs of our marriage. We were married 5yrs. in during this time he did everything to better himself and not our family. He got a 2005 Rav4 truck and I still drive the 1994 Toyota Tercel that I got when we first got together. My ex-husband tried to say that he pays child support, which in fact he did not during our marriage pay child support. He sent money to his mom to get school supplies for his son or something for his Birthday or Christmas. My ex is from Cameroon, and his son lives there. My ex was head of the physics department in his country so that should tell you how smart he is. He is very slick, and I feel helpless because the support that I get goes down July 2009 from 450 to 200 until July 2010. The judge left 2011 open, but support will be 0 in July of 2010. His new wife is African and I have a feeling that she went to school for CNA and is now working as such based off of conversations that I has with my ex. He will be finished with egineering school at Cal State this semester and is afraid that I will ask for more money now that the spousal support will go down in July 2009. Any advice you could give me I would appreciate it very much!

[Get a free evaluation of your divorce case by a qualified attorney.]

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