Can a probation officer make a decision that involves a medical decision and prohibit a person from leaving a state to get medical help?

Someone please help me. I live in new york state and my son is 19 years old> he is on probation for entering a school with a bunch of kids almost 3 years ago. He finally was sentenced to probation last summer. At the time I thought I was doing the right thing and made him turn himself in to the local police. the other kids denied it and got off. Anyways about the same time he went on probation he became addicted to heroin and I asked the judge to please order him to a drug rehab.. She did and my son went out of state to a progressive program and did very well. He had put himself in other programs before this but they were all 12 step programs that are religious based and it didnt work for him because he doesnt believe that God could help him in that way. The progrm he went to was a behavior management program. He stayed for 60 days and came back clean. He stayed clean for almost 11 months and relapsed. He has never violated probation and has been going to drug counseling for the past year since he returned and has held a job and in college with a 3.0. When he relapsed he told his probation officer right away and asked for help and wanted to go back to the out of state rehab. He told him that he needed help right away(about july 10,2008) His probation officer said no he must find a place here and one that he approves. Well the only ones in our state are faith 12 step programs ands it doesnt work for my son. I spoke with the p.o. and he told me he didnt approve of the program so he would look for something for us. He never did and when you have a heroin addiction and you ask for help you need it as soon as possible or it quickly goes out of control. We went to his supervisor and he sided with the p.o. eventhough the last time my son was saved and came back and was doing well. We went before a judge with the lawyer and she needed something in writing from the probation office. My lawyer had tried for several days to contact the p.o. and his office and they never responded. We went back to the judge to help us 4 days later and they still had not responded to the court and therefore the judge couldnt send my son. The time my son was waiting for the court stuff to settle he put himself in a detox center for a week and came to court and eventhough he is trying not to use drugs they still havent helped my son. The judge said she didnt have any paper work so she she couldnt do anything for us. we went to drug court then and they agreed it was a good place for my son to go because it worked before and even the hospital medical and court liason agreed to it but still the p.o. didnt respond and now they say he is on vacation and we dont know when he will be back. the judge also left for vacation and told our lawyer that maybe he should go to a local place and see how he does and that would be his test for 2 weeks. test for what to see if my son lives or dies/ if anyone knows about heroin it screws with your mind and my son
believes that the only place is the rehab that help before and so now he is totally frustarated and cant get the right medical help he needs and he knows he wioll die in the street if he cant get the proper care. Heroin addiction in totally different than other addictions and he is asking for something to save his life and they just keep putting it off or postponing everything. You cant do that with this disease. you will die. Today I reached a the p.o. supervisor again and pleaded with him and had the doctor from the rehab call and send their credentials and all the paper work but again he said he would review it and get back to us after the weekend. Please someone help me time is running out for my kid he has done the right thing and asked for help but people are trying to punish him and it will cost him hi life please help

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