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?My inheritance was stolen by my guardian. What do I do to get it back

My father died and left my mother $200,000 (life insurance) My Mother died 2 years later leaving my sister and I with both about $75,000 each. (including house/vehicles/belongings which I never got). We were supposed to recieve the money when we were 18 years old... However, the guardian of the inheritance took the money out of both of our accounts and left us nothing. I would think he would need my signature. I have not seen a dime of that money. Also, there are two loans on my credit report through the same bank that my inheritance account went through... I know that my guardian probably used my ss#. This is so illegal. Me and my sister deserve that money and houses/property that was in our parents names. How do we sue our Ex-Guardian of my parents will and get the money back? Also, when I went to the bank where my account was held they seemed kinda nervous like they had messed up and said they were going to be contacting there laywer.

[Get a free evaluation of your bankruptcy case by a qualified attorney.]

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