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Where can we go from this point and how should we approach it?

My husband and I were arrested for shoplifting formula for our baby last year. We went to municipal court and were given $550 each in fines and 60 hours each for community service. At court we told the judge that we would be moving to MD in 2 weeks and he dropped the probation he was going to give us. Since no one will offer community service to people serving from out of state and our Probation Officer didn't want to go through the "hassle" or transfering the case to MD, we were left trying to find somewhere on our own and making it work. We finally found an animal shelter that would let us perform there but they only had between 1 and 3 hrs of work per week there. So we went to try and find somewhere else. To make a long story short we didn't do the "required" 6 hrs per week but we have completed the community service as of 10/26/07. My probation officer decided in the middle of September that we were not completing the service in an adequate amount of time and she is now requesting jail time. We sent the information stating that the service was done to the courts for them to review (the secretary said they would review it and if it was satisfactory everything would be done or it would be rescheduled if it was unsatisfactory). We recieved the new court date a couple days ago. I just don't know what to do. I mean what else could the want? The fines are paid and the service is done. What, if anything, can I do to keep us out of jail. I am terrified of loosing my daughter and our jobs. We are low-income as it is but just starting to get on our feet. We can't afford to start over again. He has a really hard time finding work so now that he has we really need to hold on to it. Any advice?

[Get a free evaluation of your criminaldefense case by a qualified attorney.]

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