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What is the statute of limitations in New york State as to how long a person may claim heirship?

I purchased property that was left by my mother's will to myself and my two sisters. The property was the vacation home of my parents and grandparents(paternal.) They purchased it in 1958 as tenancy in the entirety of an undivided one-half of the premises.My grandmother died in 1974 all of her assets transferred by will to my grandfather.My grandfather died in 1990 and all of his assets transferred to my father and mother. At that time they did not change the property tax bills or anything and just left their names on there because they did not wish to pay the fee to change it. My father,my mother and grandfather were only children. My grandmother had one brother who is also deceased many years ago. My sisters and I are the only heirs to this property. I have a deed in my name only but because the deed only states as heirs to the property of (my mother) the county tax department refuses to remove my grandfather's name from the tax roles. There was a title search done prior to the transfer but the head of the office insists that because there was no prior removal of his name he may still have heirs that could claim the property. I am trying to find a solution to this problem.

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