Enter your questionIf my Mother in- law added my husband and his sister to the title of her house, who makes the decisions on it?

My Mother-inlaw is living in an assisted living home. We don't want to sell the property as of yet due to the social security rules of assets. In my Mother in-laws will the house is split 50 50 between my husban and his sister. My husband and I are thinking of moving into the home and my sister in-law is objecting. If my Mother in-law says she wants us to live in the house now and that she doesn't want to ever move back in, can my sister in-law keep us from moving into the house. We want to move in and fix the house up since it needs a lot of reapairs due to neglect. The house still has most of my Mother in-laws items in it. I'm not sure if the sister is concerned that she won't get these items or if after my Mother in-law passes if she herself wants to buy out my husband and fix up the house and sell it for her profit or rent it out for profit or exactley why she doens't want us to move in. What would our options be

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