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Must I refinance my house aftering taking full ownership after a divorce via a quit claim?

My first wife and I divorced over 10 years ago (1994). We had a house that was in both of our names with both of us on the mortgage. As the divorce settlement, she simply left the house to me (via quit claim) and asked for no alimony or other compensation. I recently found out that my original lawyer never filed the quit-claim. I had my ex file a warranty deed to give me sole ownership of the house. That has been properly recorded. Now for the tricky part: 1. Must I refinance? 2. If I don't refinance, will I have problems when I sell the house? 3. Will my ex have to sign any papers when I sell the house? I ask these questions because right now my credit isn't very good at all and I don't think I can qualify to refinance even though I'm making my payments on time. Would I lose my house if I don't refinance and just continue to make payments as if nothing's changed?

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