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1 "What Color Was The Light?" Asked The Police Officer
The police officer will usually ask the victim of a car accident, "What color wa

2 $1.2M Verdict for Family of Woman Who Died After Hernia Operation
Evidence showed that poor nursing care at Pennsylvania Hospital of the Univer

3 $16 Million Jury Award for Heart Attack Death Among Largest Medical Malpractice Verdicts in Connecticut
October 3, 2007 issue of Newsday reports: "BRIDGEPORT, Conn. - A Superior Court

4 $6.5 Million for Fall from Ladder by Philadelphia Jury
A Philadelphia union glazer, who fell from a ladder at a contruction site inj

5 2 Questions Every New York Malpractice Lawyer Needs To Ask
A potential client calls the office with a story that rambles on and on. I can't

6 Acting Quickly Regarding Personal Injury Claims
I have recently noticed a trend with new case calls that seems to be happening m

7 Another Fatal Accident on the New York Bronx River Parkway
November 2007 has been a treacherous month on the Bronx River Parkway in New

8 At Least Four Children Are Injured After Maryland School Bus Accident in Prince George’s County
In Maryland, the driver of a school bus and three to five middle school student

9 Baby Not Hurt In Single Car Auto Accident
This mother had the good sense to buckle her son into his car seat--before sh

10 Baltimore Police Officer Suspended Over YouTube Video Showing Him Manhandling Teenager
Baltimore Police Officer Salvatore Rivieri was suspended this week after a video

11 Bike Week Brings Death And Auto Accidents To Our Roads
It happens every year and every year we report that more people have died on

12 Bill Proposes to Allow Sex Abuse Victims to File Injury Lawsuits in Maryland
In Maryland, Baltimore County legislator Eric M. Bromwell has introduced a bill

13 Blood Thinner Heparin Tied To Several Deaths
The Food and Drug Administration announced

14 Brain Injury Caused by Stanley Works Nail Gun Results in $3.4 Million Verdict
A 51 year old construction worker using a Stanley Works nail gun, which was s

15 Brain Surgery on the Wrong Side of Patient's Head
Not once, not twice, but three times in one year doctors at Rhode Island Hosp

16 Breast Cancer-"The Doctor Delayed My Diagnosis-Do I have a Case?"
"Doctor, I have this lump in my right breast...right here. I think it's grown ov

17 Bunions, Hammertoes & Bears...Oh My!
Bunions and hammertoes are two common problems people have with their feet. Oh y

18 Busy Week for Boston Med Mal Firm
Boston malpractice law firm Lubin & Meyer had two verdicts make headlines th

19 Car Accidents in NY - 7 Reasons You May Not Want to Sue
In New York, if you were involved in a car accident, there's an excellent chance

20 Car Found May Be Hit-and-Run Vehicle
The Florida Highway Patrol says it has found a blue Mustang that may have cau

21 Carnival Rides Caused 4 Deaths in the U.S. in 2007
Traveling carnival rides are regulated by the

23 Colonoscopy- "He Perforated My Colon, Do I Have A Case?"
The call comes in. "I had a colonoscopy, and the doctor perforated my colon. I n

24 Consumer Product Safety Commission Reports Increase In Nursery Products-Related Infant Deaths
The Consumer Product Safety Commission has issued a report that states the numbe

25 Court to Consider Whether Doctor Concealing Cause of Death Extends Time to Bring Claim
In 2002, baby Ira Faustino died after having heart surgery performed by Dr. W

26 Dead Man's Family Calls NY Malpractice Lawyer First Before Burying Him
THIS IS A TRUE STORYA call came in the other day. A hysterical woman was on the

27 Death of Elderly Man Results in $1.7 Million Philadelphia Verdict When a Ventilator Mucus Plug Suffocates Him
The Estate of 77 year old man was awarded $1.7 million by a Philadelphia jury

28 Defibrillation Shock Comes Too Late for Some in Hospitals
In Hospitals Do Not Deliver Defibrillation Shock Within Recommended Two Minutes

29 Dental Malpractice - Pain During Treatment - Do I Have a Case?
A call comes in..."My dentist was doing a root canal on me and caused me terribl

30 Don't Judges Know Not To Give Gifts To Litigants?
DECISION & ORDERIn an action to recover damages for medical malpractice, etc., t

31 duPont Hospital for Children Sued for Surgical Stent Misconduct
Medical malpractice allegations that duPont Hospital for Children (in Wilming

32 Eight People Killed in Maryland After Being Hit By Car During Street-Race
At least eight people are dead and five others injured in Accokeek, Maryland, af

33 Emergency Room Delay Causes Death from Heart Attack (Myocardial Infarction)
A 33 year old man in California with complaints of chest pain and left arm pa

34 Emotional Costs of Medical Errors - Patient, Family, Physician
An editorial in The New England Journal of Medicine examines the issue of medica

35 Faking Personal Injury Accidents Won't Lead To Recovery
I would like to think that I can procure a recovery for one of my clients no mat

36 Fatal Putnam County DWI Crash Leads To Conviction Of Bar Owner
In an update to our December 21, 2007 blog

37 Hit and Run Accident in Chicago Results in Pedestrian Death
Particularly tragic injury cases result from vehicle versus pedestrian collision

38 How To Get Compensated For Your Injuries Without Hiring a NY Lawyer
1. Know the law.How do you do that? Go to law school for three years. Then take

39 I-10 Westbound Reopened After Fatal Auto Accident
I-10 has reopened in the westbound direction after a

40 I-95 Auto Accident Involving Car, Bus
There was no match between a tour bus with 60 people on board and a car.

41 Illinois Accidents: 5 Things Everyone Should do When Injured in an Auto Accident
Unfortunately the personal injury field doesn't offer a claim specific universal

42 Immigration Backlog Delays Applications For Citizenship and Green Cards
The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services

43 In Illinois, Personal Injury Claims Arise Anywhere
Personal injury claims can arise in any facet of everyday life, claims are not s

44 Injury Verdict Upheld in Chicago Police Department Auto Accident
A verdict awarded from a personal injury case in Chicago against the City of Chi

45 Injustice - Righting a Wrong - NY Medical Malpractice Lawyer Explains
Have you ever felt that you were wronged? Maybe you noticed it when you went to

46 Insurance Department Issues Second Annual Ohio Medical Liability Closed Claim Report
COLUMBUS — The Ohio Department of Insurance has issued its second annual Ohio

47 John Ritter’s Family Takes $67 Million Wrongful Death Lawsuit to Court
Jury selection in the wrongful death of actor John Ritter began in Los Angeles C

48 Judgment Non Obstante Verdicto - What Is It, And Why Should You Care?
You've just won a hard-fought trial. The jury rendered a substantial verdict and

49 Kaiser's Medical Malpractice Resources
Medical Malpractice Law in the United States is a Kaiser Family Foundation repor

50 Keeping Kids Safe in Non-Traffic Auto Accidents
President Bush today signed the Cameron Gulbransen Kids Transportation Safety

51 Lawsuit for Improper Lung Transplant at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania
In a case in the Eastern District of Pennsylvania, a New Jersey man's Estate

52 Looking At Causes of Medical Errors and How to Fix
Nashville, TN (PRWEB) December 11, 2008 — Administrators of healthcare agencie

53 Maine Jury Awards $8 Million Malpractice Award
The Boston Globe reports on October 25, 2007:AUBURN, Maine — A jury Thursday a

54 Maryland Judge Reduces Lawsuit Damages that Westboro Baptist Church Must Pay for Protesting Fallen Soldier's Funeral
A federal Judge in Maryland reduced the amount of damages that Westboro Baptist

55 Maryland Residents Are Among Lacrosse Team Plaintiffs Suing Duke University for Handling of High Profile Rape Case
38 members of the 2006 Duke Lacrosse team and 9 family members are suing Duke Un

56 Massachusetts Jury Awards $26.5M Med Mal C-section delay
The Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly reports on October 12, 2007 that a Suffolk jury

57 Massachusetts Jury Verdict - Medical Malpractice
The Lowell Sun reports on a case in Lowell Superior Court involving a woman who

58 Massachusetts Supreme Court Says Doctor's Liability Goes Beyond Patient
From The Boston Globe today: "BOSTON — A doctor who failed to warn his patient

59 Massachusetts: Medical Malpractice Statute of Repose Doesn't Apply to Fraud Claim
Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly reports that a lawsuit against a doctor and nurse c

60 Medical Errors: Informative Web Site
Bookmark this: A wealth of information related to Medical Errors & Patient S

61 Medical Malpractice - Injured in a NYC Hospital - How Much Time Do I Have To File A Claim?
You've been injured while in a City-owned, municipal hospital. Not just any hosp

62 Medical Malpractice - Why Is Your New York Doctor Afraid To Treat You?
I was in the emergency room with my son one evening, and the emergency room atte

63 Medical Malpractice - You Walked Into The Hospital But Came Out Paralyzed
"You're in good hands," says the nurse in the office. "Nothing to worry about,"

64 Medical Malpractice - Your Child's Been Diagnosed With Brain Damage and Cerebral Palsy
You're in labor. Your due date is tomorrow. Your contractions are not that stron

65 Medical Malpractice News Roundup
From the Kaiser Daily Health Policy Report, a summary of recent developments to

66 Medical Malpractice: NY MD's Malpractice Ins. Premiums- Is $170,000 enough?
Obstetricians and neurosurgeons in New York pay over $170,000 per year, per pers

67 Medical Malpractice: Your Case Is On The Trial Calendar-Can Defense Lawyers Talk to Your Doctor?
Your New York attorney has notified the Court that your case is ready for trial.

68 Missing Maryland Construction Foreman Discovered Dead in Shaft in Baltimore
The body of Wayne Kerr, a Maryland construction foreman employed by Centerline C

69 Mitsubishi Ordered to Pay $11 Million in Products Liability SUV Wrongful Death Case
A Florida jury has ordered Mitsubishi Motors to pay almost $11 million in wrongf

70 More on Medical Error Mea Culpas
This New York Times article written by Sandeep Jauhar, MD, is a personal account

71 Motorcycle Accident Fatalities on the Rise
A recent motorcycle crash near Joliet, Illinois resulted in a fatality this past

I receive many calls from women who have breast reduction or augmentation surger

73 New Hampshire's Malpractice Screening Law and How it Works
This Boston Globe article looks at New Hampshire's medical malpractice screening

75 New York Accidents At "Big Box" Stores
Everyone in New York, and around the country, has shopped at the "big box sto

76 New York car accidents caused by GPS devices
Global positoning devices (GPS), although a lifesaver to some, have been blam

77 New York City Car Crash Kills Woman Who Survived 9/11
Florence Cioffi, a woman who survived 9/11 and was just days from her 60th bi

78 New York DWI Update
There were two significant events involving

79 New York Immigrants Bolster Economy According to Study
In a joint study by the Fiscal Policy

80 New York Insurance Cases--Do You Need A Private Attorney?
Our White Plains, New York office gets numerous calls and e-mails from client

81 New York Trials
New York Trials are structured differently in

82 No Injury in Chicago Bear Auto Accident
An auto accident in the Chicago area made national news this week when Chicago B

83 NY Anesthesiologist Uses Syringes Twice! Hepatitis Found
An anesthesiologist in New York has recently been found to have used the same sy

84 NY Insurance Companies Latest Attack on No-Fault Benefits
Almost since the inception of New York's No-Fault Law in 1974,

85 NY Malpractice Victims- Future Medical Expenses- Who Pays? Not the Doctor
The New York Post reported today that the State Assembly Majority announced yest

86 Obese Are Not Wearing Seat Belts in Auto Accidents
Often we write here about a person's failure to wear a seat belt as being a c

87 Operating Room Fall Causes Lawsuit in Massachusetts
A Massachusetts family has filed a lawsuit after a women falls off an operating

88 Pain & Suffering - You Think You Have it Bad?
Just what exactly is 'Pain & Suffering'?It's a term we hear often but we don't t

89 Parents of Illinois teen found guilty following auto accident resulting in death
Injuries and even death are often a tragic result when alcohol and automobiles a

90 Pennsylvania Jury Awards $3 Million for Sinus Infection Misdiagnosis
In today's Pittsburgh Post Gazette: Jury awards $3 million in malpractice suit f

91 Pennsylvania Nursing Home Director Admits Criminal Neglect of Patient
Donna Cameron, of Ashton Pennsylvania, who was the former Director of Nursing

92 Pennsylvania: Is Medical Malpractice Crisis Over?
The jury is still out on this one, but Philadelphia's Bulletin just published an

93 Personal Injury: 5 Reasons Why Your NY Injury Lawyer Will Lose His License
1. He steals your money.2. He steals your money.3. He steals your money.4. He st

94 Personal Injury: What is "Falsus in Uno?"
"Falsus In Uno" is a term used by a trial Judge in the State of New York to desc

95 Pharmacy Policies Can Lead to Prescription Errors, Injuries, and Wrongful Deaths
Prescription errors are a prevalent problem in the United States that too often

96 Philadelphia Jury Awarded $12 M for Delayed Diagnosis of Breast Cancer
A Philadelphia jury unanimously found in favor of a woman who alleged that 2

97 Pickup Truck Occupants Ejected
Neither man was wearing a seat belt. So when the pickup truck they we

98 Podiatrists Sued for Operating on Wrong Foot
A 60 year old McKeesport (Pittsburgh) Pennsylvania man recently filed adminis

100 Report Offers Motor Vehicle Accident Death Rates in Frederick County, Maryland Between 2001 and 2006
A recent analysis by the Frederick News-Post of deadly accidents in Frederick Co

101 Rhode Island Considers Bill To Track Medical Mistakes
PROVIDENCE — The Providence Journal reports today on legislation proposed in R

102 Romney Raises Malpractice Caps As Campaign Issue
Presidential candidate and former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney has raised

103 Ruling on Med Mal Caps: Award Limits Unconstitutional
The Chicago Tribune today reports on the controversy over limits on medical malp

104 Ruth’s Chris Steak House Employees in Baltimore, Maryland File $64 Million Personal Injury Lawsuit Over Carbon Monoxide Leak
In Baltimore Circuit Court on Tuesday, 16 Ruth’s Chris Steak House employees f

105 Should I Sue? Examining the Complex Question and the Role Apologies Play in Medical Malpractice Lawsuits
WBUR examines the medical apologies issue: On WBUR, a Boston NPR station, Radio

106 Slip and Fall in Building Lobby Settles for $2.75 Million
A slip and fall case in the lobby of a woman's office building resulted in a

107 State Farm Won't Write New Policies
State Farm Insurance is Florida's largest private insurer writing policies to

108 State Roundup on Medical Malpractice Developments from Kaisernetwork.org
More from Kaiser Daily Health Policy Report's State Watch:"Indiana: The rates t

110 Two Doctors Cleared In Heath Ledger Prescription Overdose Death
The Drug Enforcement Administration says that two doctors who gave movie star He

111 Two Gas Stations Fined Half Million for Shorting Customers
You could say that two Kingsland truck stops were busted this month.

112 U.S. Supreme Court Deals Blow to Lawsuits Against Defective Products
Last week, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that private lawsuits against medical

114 What is "Summary Judgment?"
You think you have a good case. Your lawyer tells you that you have a solid case

115 Will Binding Arbitration Replace Med-Mal Lawsuits?
Found via Kaiser Daily Health Policy Report:"The use of binding arbitration, rat

116 Will Your Auto Insurance Protect You After An Auto Accident?
By law, every Illinois motorist is required to carry a specific amount of automo

117 Woman Sues Ocean City, Maryland Hotel Over Carbon Monoxide Deaths of Her Husband and Daughter
In Maryland’s U.S. District Court in Baltimore, Pennsylvania resident Yvonne B

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