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1 "Breaking Point" Reached In Farmworker immigration Problem?
The blog of the New York Times has an interesting post today about the "breaking

2 $200,000 Test Of Web Video Leads To Capture Of Only 10 Illegal Immigrants
According to the Dallas Morning News, a Web site that allows people to monitor t

3 2007 Dallas Morning News Texan of the Year: The Illegal Immigrant
The Dallas Morning News came up with a surprise today -- the newspaper has named

4 ACLU Sues Texas Detention Facility
The American Civil Liberties Union has officially filed a lawsuit against federa

5 Agreement Reached Regarding Deportations In Irving, Texas
The Dallas Morning News reports today that the City of Irving may have come to a

6 Another Lawsuit Challenges City's Anti-Immigrant Laws
Another lawsuit has been filed against the Texas city of Farmers Branch, in an e

7 Anti-Immigrant Group Ranks Presidential Candidates
Thanks to Greg Siskind for pointing out this page of the Web site of the America

8 Anti-Immigrant Mob Creates False Heroes
CNN columnist Ruben Navarrette, Jr. has another provocative column online. I may

9 Are Americans The Real Problem With Immigration?
CNN columnist Ruben Navarrette, Jr. has yet another provocative column online. T

10 Attention Frequent-Flyer Residents!
Generally, a lawful permanent resident (LPR) must have continuous residence in t

11 Attorney Dilnaz Saleem To Speak On Immigration
Kraft Associates' immigration lawyer Dilnaz Saleem will be making a presentation

12 Battered Spouse, Parent, Or Child – Steps Towards A Successful VAWA Petition
A spouse, child or parent who has been subject to extreme cruelty or battery by

13 Bringing Your Fiance / Fiance to the U.S.
(For simplicity, we will use the word fiance whether speaking of a male or a fem

14 Bush Administration Backing Down From Announced Plan To Punish Employers
The New York Times is reporting that the Bush administration is backing down fro

15 Citizenship Applications On The Rise
The Dallas Morning News had an interesting article this morning about the signif

16 Citizenship Promotion Act Of 2007
Earlier this month, Senator Barak Obama (D-IL) and Representative Luis Gutierrez

17 Columnist -- What Will Democrats Do About Immigration?
Columnist Reuben Navarrette, Jr. has written an interesting article for CNN, won

18 Columnist: Economy Hurt By Lack Of Immigrant Workers
A columnist for the newspaper where I worked my way through college and law scho

19 Comprehensive Explanation of Irving, Texas Immigration Situation
The Dallas Morning News has a very good series of articles today about the immig

20 Construction To Begin On Border Fence
The Dallas Morning News has an article today stating that in 2008 construction w

21 Could H-1B Cap Be Passed On The First Day?
There is great concern among immigration lawyers that U.S. Citizenship and Immig

22 Could You Pass The Proposed Citizenship Test?
According to an Associated Press story in today's Dallas Morning News, Citizensh

23 Democratic Candidates Pledge Comprehensive Immigration Reform
Reuters news service reported on the Democratic debate Sunday night in Florida,

24 Department Of State Update on Implementation of E3 Visas for Australians
Our office receives many questions about when the new E-3 visa category will bec

25 DOL Eliminates Labor Certification Substitution Effective July 16, 2007
On Thursday May 17, 2007, the United States Department of Labor (DOL) published

26 Don't Forget To Remove Your Conditions!
If a foreign national is married less than two years to a U.S. Citizen, the alie

27 Don't Wait For Amnesty - Delays May Hurt Your Case
The possibility of comprehensive immigration reform has been in the forefront of

28 E-3 Visas Available Now
The U.S. Department of State (DOS) issued a Final Rule effective September 2, 20

29 Employer Handbook Now Available For Revised I-9 Form
For the first time in 16 years, the Federal Government has made major changes to

30 Employers Brace For New Immigration Rules
The San Luis Obispo Tribune has an excellent article today on the potential impa

31 Employment Authorization Document -- What Is It?
What is an Employment Authorization Document?Employment Authorization Document (

32 Employment-Based Visa Retrogression - How Does It Effect You?
Cause-effect is defined by Webster’s dictionary as, “the concept that an act

33 Exciting New Pilot Program Decreases Delays In Mexico
On March 26, 2007, a new waiver pilot program began at the U.S. Consulate in Ciu

34 Farmers Branch Reworks Immigration Ordinance
The Farmers Branch, Texas city council could repeal its ordinance that prevents

35 Filing H-1B Visa Petitions in 2007
The H-1B visa will allow persons to begin working in the United States on Octobe

36 Finally, A Rational Discussion Of The Criminal Alien Program In Irving
My friend René Castilla has written an excellent guest editorial for the Dallas

37 For Republicans, Contest's Hallmark Is Immigration
The Washington Post reports today on the exceptional prominence of immigration i

38 Foreign Nationals In The Armed Services
In July 2002, President George W. Bush signed an executive order specifying that

39 Gates To Senate: "Guaranteed Jobs" For Tech Professionals; 300,000 H-1B Visas Wanted
According to the Washington Alliance of Technology Workers, Microsoft Chairman B

40 Get Your H-1B Cases Ready Now To File On April 1 for October 1, 2007 Start Date
The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) will begin accepting new H

41 H-1B Master’s Visas Still Available
USCIS has just announced that there are still visas available for those interest

42 H-1B Relief Imminent
As reported by the American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA), On October 2

43 Hispanic Surnames Break Into Top Ten In United States
In an article today, the New York Times reports that a recent U.S. Census Bureau

44 Holiday Gift Guide For Lawyers
My friend Reid Trautz is is the Director of the American Immigration Lawyers Ass

45 Hospital Studies Costs Of Treating Illegal Immigrants
The Dallas Morning News had an interesting article about nonemergency hospital s

46 How Can You Avoid Being Stopped By The Police?
The news (and protests) about the City of Irving's policy of reporting the immig

47 I Agree With Governor Rick Perry!
I agree with Governor Rick Perry! Now that is a statement you will not see very

48 If You Don't Already Have A U.S. Passport, You Need To Get One Now
MSN Travel has a good online article about passport usage, passport protection,

49 Illegal Aliens Might Cause States To Gain Congressional Seats
United Press International has an interesting article about the fact that althou

50 Illegal Immigrants Taken Into Custody
This morning, officers from the Texas Department of Public Safety stopped a van

51 Immigrant Skin Color Affects Earnings?
An Associated Press story in the Dallas Morning News today describes a recent st

52 Immigrants Gather For Rally In Dallas
Yesterday, large crowds gathered at the Dallas City Hall for an immigration-righ

53 Immigration Consequences Of Criminal Convictions
IntroductionFor non-citizens, the immigration consequences of a criminal convict

54 Immigration From Iraq Or Afghanistan
At Kraft & Associates, we recently had an inquiry from a soldier who had just re

55 Immigration Humor -- Our Founding Illegals
My thanks to Greg Siskind for this very funny video about "Our Founding Illegals

56 Immigration Is Number One Concern For Iowa Voters
According to an article in today's Washington post, immigration is the number on

57 Immigration Lawyer And Assistant Found Guilty Of Visa Fraud
The United States Attorney's Office for the Southern District of Texas issued a

58 Inter-Country Adoptions
More and more frequently these days, we read of U.S. citizens adopting children

59 Irving Illegal Immigrants' Charges Are Mostly Misdemeanors
The Dallas Morning News has a carefully-researched story today breaking down the

60 Irving, Texas Losing Students Due To Immigration Crackdown?
The Dallas Morning News had an interesting story Sunday about the declining stud

61 It’s Not Too Late – Begin The H-1B Process Now!
Each year 65,000 H-1B visas are made available so that foreign nationals can wor

62 Judge Blocks U.S. Illegal Worker Crackdown
ABC News is reporting that a federal judge today blocked enforcement of new effo

63 Judge Orders Further Delay In "No-Match" Implementation
The New York Times is reporting today that federal judge Charles R. Breyer has e

64 Latinos Protest Dallas Suburb's Deportation Practices
The Dallas Morning News has an article today about a large protest of the immigr

65 Lawyers Work To Free Palestinian Family
On September 30, 2001, a Palestinian family, the Ibrahims, entered the U.S. on t

66 Litigation Relating To ICE Raids At Swift Meat Packing Plants
This information regarding litigation relating to ICE raids at Swift meat packin

67 Medicaid Law Aimed At Illegal Immigrants Hits U.S. Citizens
According to a story in the New York Times today, A new federal rule intended to

68 New Immigration Enforcement Tactics
In 2006 alone, over 400 criminal charges have been filed against companies that

69 New Passport Requirement Won't Apply To Kids?
The Associated Press is reporting today that the Department of Homeland Security

70 New Try For Immigration Reform
Senators Edward Kennedy and John McCain will be introducing a revised version of

71 Newspaper Editorial Gets It Right
An editorial by the staff of the Dallas Morning News today hit just the right to

72 Northern California Farmers Worry Fruit Will Rot On Trees
Yet another story about the plight of fruit and vegetable farmers in California

73 NSEERS - National Security Entry-Exit Registration System

74 Obtaining Permission For Travel Outside The United States
If people want to travel outside of the United States, and they are not U.S. cit

75 One-Third Of Americans Think Illegal Immigrants Should Be Denied Social Services
An article in the Los Angeles Times today says that one-third of Americans think

76 Palestinian Family Finally Released From Prison
As an update to a previous post about the ridiculous imprisonment of the Ibrahim

77 Poll: Spanish Spoken Here -- Two-Thirds Don't Mind
ABC had an interesting article online yesterday about the attitude of Americans

78 President Bush Encourages Guest Worker Program
Last night, President Bush delivered the annual State of the Union Address. One

79 Recent Immigration Raids -- Really About Identity Theft?
Columnist Ruben Navarrette Jr. has an opinion piece at CNN online today in which

80 Religious Workers - R Visa
A religious organization in the United States may sponsor an individual from ano

81 Religious Workers In The United States
Leaders of religious organizations and institutes are often unaware that they ha

82 Rumor Regarding EB1/EB2 Unavailability in August is Untrue
The Department of State (DOS) advised the American Immigration Lawyers Associati

83 Social Security Administration Blocked From Sending "No Match" Letters
The Associated Press is reporting tonight that a federal judge in San Francisco

84 Supreme Court Rules In Favor Of Immigrants
Immigration courts have often deported immigrants residing in the United States

85 Teamsters Protest Allowing Mexican Trucks Into United States
The Teamsters' union and truckers in general have been protesting the recent cha

86 Tech Industry Seeks Visa Reform
The Dallas Morning News had an interesting article yesterday about the tech indu

87 Texas Governor Takes Surprising Stand In Favor Of Immigrants
Texas Governor Rick Perry, normally an ultra-conservative, surprised most member

88 Texas State Senator Wants To Tax Money Transfers
Texas state Senator Dan Patrick, whose other job is as a right-wing radio talk s

89 The Future Of Immigration Bills In Texas
According to a Dallas Morning News Article, Texas House State Affairs Committee

90 The Immigrant Legal Resource Center Legislative Forecast
The ILRC Forecast on Immigration ReformJudith Golub, Executive DirectorWith the

91 The Little Known H-1C Visa For Nurses
The United States currently has a severe shortage of licensed nurses, and this i

92 The Mess Congress Made: Immigration Inaction Is Fueling Irving Panic
Congratulations to the Dallas Morning News for an excellent editorial today rega

93 The Mexico Trucker Blog
I've written before about the perceived problems with relaxed restrictions on Me

94 The New IMAGE Program From Homeland Security
Over the past several months, Bush administration officials and the U.S. Immigra

95 The United States As A Safe Haven For Refugees
Every year thousands of foreign nationals enter the United States fleeing persec

96 The United States Benefits From Immigration
The debate over the future of immigration policy in the United States is expecte

97 Troops At Border Become Citizens
As reported today by the Associated Press, six National Guard troops serving at

98 Two New USCIS Training Centers To Open In North Texas
The Dallas Morning News reports today that two regional training centers will op

99 U. S. Citizens Sell Legitimate IDs To Illegal Immigrants
News reports claim that United States citizens are selling birth certificates an

100 U.S. Sailor May Have To Leave Service If Wife Is Deported
CNN has an interesting article online about a sailor in the U.S. Navy who may ha

101 Unskilled Labor Visas Are Hard To Get
The Dallas Morning News has a good article about the scarcity of work visas for

102 Update on AILF's Legal Action Center Visa Bulletin Litigation (Updated 7/10/07)
The following is the latest update from AILF regarding its pening legal action a

103 Update To Mexican Trucking Rules Under NAFTA
Update to my post of September 9, 2007, about Mexican trucks being allowed deepe

104 Update Your Address Online With Immigration Services
On January 12, 2007, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services announced a new p

105 USCIS Announces H-1B Cap Reached
Immigration Services announced this afternoon that the H-1B cap has been reached

106 USCIS Announces Possible Increase In Filing Fees
This morning, Immigration Services announced a proposal to adjust filing fees fo

107 USCIS Announces Update Regarding New H-1B Exemptions
On June 12, 2005, the United States Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS)

108 USCIS Expands Premium Processing to EB-1 and EB-2 cases
On September 22, 2006 the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (US

109 USCIS Expands Premium Processing to Employment Based 3rd Preference Category
On August 18, 2006 the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS

110 USCIS Proposal Would End Some Green Cards
From the Brownsville Herald comes a story about a recent USCIS proposal to requi

111 USCIS Reaches H-2B Cap For Second Half Of Fiscal Year 2008
Unfortunately for those employers who can't find U.S. citizen workers for non-ag

112 USCIS Reminds Employers To Start Using New I-9 Form
Yesterday, USCIS issued a reminder to employers about the new I-9 form, which mu

113 USCIS Update on Adjustment of Status Applications
USCIS Announces Revised Processing Procedures for Adjustment of Status Applicati

114 USCIS Warns Of Potential For Immigration Fraud
Although Congress has been debating immigration legislation, everyone should be

115 Visa Bulletin for November 2006
The Department of State released its visa bulletin for November 2006. You can vi

116 Visa Bulletin for October 2006
The Department of State released its visa bulletin for October 2006. You can vis

117 Visa Retrogression Questions & Answers
In light of the recent retrogression of Employment Based Visa Categories, our of

118 We Have Started Receiving PERM Approvals
Our office is happy to report that we have started to receive approvals for labo

119 Welcome to Immigration Law Answers
Thank you for visiting this Dallas, Texas Immigration Law blog. Our immigration

120 What Is My Priority Date?
On a daily basis, our office receives many questions from individuals regarding

121 What Should We Call People Here Without Authorization?
There is an exhaustive article at ILW.com about how exactly we should refer to p

122 Where Are Unauthorized Immigrants Coming From?
These figures go along with yesterday's post, and show the country of origin of

123 Where Do Illegal Immigrants Live?
Here are some interesting statistics from the Department of Homeland Security re

124 Where Do The Leading Presidential Candidates Stand On Immigration?
The other day, someone asked me which presidential candidate would be best, stri

125 Yet Another Immigration Raid
Nearly 50 people were taken into custody yesterday morning at a suburban Houston

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