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1 "Ireland's Divorce Courts a Shambles"
Ireland's divorce courts are overloaded and need a complete overhaul to make br

2 'Til Prenup Do We Part
'Til Prenup Do We Part By Lis Wiehl Something old, something new, something borr

3 5 Top Mistakes People Make When Getting Divorced
Excellent tips if you are going through a divorce.

4 Abducting parent (Canada to France) in Jail
Vancouver court gets seriousWoman accused of abducting her children to France is

5 Actions of Step-Siblings May Alter Visitation
Your step-children's conduct will probably be relevant if your ex-spouse takes y

6 Advisers Say Plan for the Worst: Divorce
This article is good advice. A case is always more difficult when it comes to me

7 Am I Missing Something???
Court of Appeals affirms decision with what appears to be overwhelming evidence

8 Are You Mad at the Judge in Your Case?
Choose your words and actions wisely if you are discontent with your judge. Als

9 Arkansas Court of Appeals Splits on “New” Car Definition
If a new car on a car lot is stolen by a thief, driven 40 miles and then left on

10 Australia - Child Relocation
Reviewing Australia’s Family Law Amendment (Shared Parental Responsibility) Ac

11 Barbados Divorce Law
The Barbados Family Law Council is reportedly in favor of amending the Barbados

12 Buying babies, bit by bit
Buying babies, bit by bit From The Economist An international guide to test-tube

13 California divorce is often a time-consuming process
California divorce is often a time-consuming process By Ron Sokol, DailyBreeze.c

14 California mother held in custody breach case
I am posting this to draw attention to what should be simply routine: the arrest

15 Canadian Court - Jewish Divorce
The Supreme Court of Canada made a rare foray into the religious forum yesterday

16 Child Abduction to Mexico Ends Happily
Our heartiest congratulations to our British client whose tiny baby was abducte

17 Child Support 101 in Arkansas
No place to better start when talking about Arkansas child support than Administ

18 Choosing A Family Law Attorney
Help with choosing the right attorney.

19 Claim for Concealment of Value of Marital Assets Dismissed in New York
Once a divorce case is settled, parties often experience “buyer’s or seller

20 Cohabitation Illegal???
Are you living with your significant other outside the bonds of matrimony? Coul

21 Conflict between Child Custody Laws of China and the United States
A recently-decided case in Massachusetts sheds light on the growing problem of i

22 Court Order: Pay The $50,000 Tuition
Although not the law in California (as the article correctly identifies), a cour

23 Curriculum May Allow Bible Class in Schools
It may be constitutional for public schools to have a course on the Bible.

24 Custody Bill Aimed at Polygamists Dies During Session
Arizona bill aimed at polygamist husbands evidently will not become law.

25 Custody orders not respected internationally; Children abducted overseas
The news story below demonstrates why it is so important for the courts to liste

26 Czech procedure for Hague Convention international child abduction cases
International child abduction cases in the Czech Republic will be assigned to te

27 Divorce Doesn't Have To Destroy The Kids
A nice artilce on how to help children through the divorce process. ---------- D

28 Divorce Parties
I first heard about 'Divorce Parties' from a friend a few years ago. Not quite s

29 Divorce: Trust Fund Feuds
Divorce: Trust Fund Feuds Marlene M. Browne, Forbes Magazine 'Tis the time of pr

30 Do-It-Yourself Divorce Trend
Do-It-Yourself Divorce Trend By Maureen Naylor, ABC-30 1/2/2007 - They call it a

31 Elkins Opinion
One of the most watched cases by the Family Law bar, has been the case of Elkins

32 Enforceable Prenuptial Agreements: Their Time Has Come
"Jeremy D Morley, Attorney-at-Law, International Family Law Office, New York, US

33 England Inching Towards Prenuptial Enforcement
The English courts yesterday took a further step towards eventual enforcement of

35 EU Member States Attack Divorce Conflict of Laws Scheme
16.11.2006 - 09:30 CET | By Teresa KüchlerEUOBSERVER / BRUSSELS - EU member sta

36 Ex-Spouses Can Ruin Each Other's Credit
Ex-Spouses Can Ruin Each Other's Credit By Kimberly Palmer, US News and World Re

37 Feinstein Conflict Allegations 'Aren't Going Away,' Watchdogs Say
Why is this on my blog, you may ask. Well, the conflict allegations are apparent

38 First love, then marriage, then postnuptial contract
Not extremely common, but certainly a part of my practice is drafting postnuptia

39 For richer and poorer
The current issue of The Economist has an interesting article on international d

40 Foreigner in U.S. on Visitor’s Visa Does Not Fulfill Nevada’s Divorce Residency Requirement
A Canadian wife who had lived in Nevada for 3½ years on a visitor’s vis

41 Fundraiser for Film on Japanese Child Abduction
Two film-makers, David Hearn and Matt Antell, are working on a film project to d

42 Gaining From Community Property
Gaining From Community Property Get the most from special marital-property laws.

43 German divorce, Syrian marriage
An interesting German international family law case concerning a Syrian marriage

44 German Failure to Expedite Hague Child Abduction Cases
It is our personal experience handling international child abduction cases in Ge

45 Germany's Pattern of Noncompliance with Hague Child Abduction Convention
In an open letter to U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice in May 2006, this

46 Habitual residence of a baby in a Hague case
The Seventh Circuit has issued a significant new ruling on habitual residence of

47 Hague Abduction: New 6th Circuit Case on Grave Risk of Harm
The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit has issued a highly significa

48 Hague Convention on the International Recovery of Child Support
Delegates from sixty-eight States and the European Community have finalized the

49 How Will My Divorce Affect My Credit?
A very good overview of some of the credit issues in divorce. ---------- Ask The

50 I've only got (private) eyes for you
I thought this was interesting. In reality, family law attorneys use private eye

51 India Marriage Registration Call
The Times of India has endorsed a demand by the Supreme Court of India that

52 India: Safe Haven for International Child Abduction
For several reasons, India has become a safe haven for child abductors.First, In

53 International Child Visitation
How can one parent stop the other parent from taking a child to visit a dangero

54 International Relocation of Children
Our article, International Relocation of Children: American and English Approach

55 Interplay of UCCJEA and the Hague Abduction Convention
The Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction and Enforcement Act and the Hague Convent

56 Interview with Raoul Felder
Colorful divorce lawyer Raoul Felder recently sat down for an interview, and pro

57 iPhone or Not iPhone? iSay “yes”
The iPhone was all the rage a few months ago when it was released. Has it lived

58 Is It Really Worth It Wal-Mart?
The world's largest retailer may be creating a public relations nightmare if its

59 Japan - New Law on Choice of Law
Japan's new law on the choice of law is now in effect. It supersedes the law kno

60 Japan's International Child Abduction Policy
By Kirsten Brown (AXcess News) Washington - Four fathers quietly filed into a th

61 Judge: Man Can’t Be Forced To Divulge Encryption Passphrase
Encryption password found to be protected under the Fifth Amendment.

62 Keeping your “Trick or Treaters” Safe on Halloween
Tips on having a safe and fun Halloween evening with your little ones.

63 Korea’s New Family Registration Law
The South Korean Supreme Court has issued details of its implementatio

64 Lawsuits against airlines who allow international child abduction
The abduction of children from the United States is facilitated by the lack of e

65 Lessons From Anna Nicole Smith
The below news article answers some questions about custody, visitation, and chi

66 Mahr – Islamic Marriage Contract – Held to be Not Enforceable
An Ohio court has reportedly ruled that a promise made as part of a mahr – a d

67 Military Divorce Website
Excellent website for information on divorces and military personnel. Here̵

68 Mirror International Prenuptial Agreements
We frequently recommend mirror prenuptial agreements for people with internation

69 Modification of Alimony Reversed; Child Support Upheld
Arkansas Court of Appeals reverses alimony award and upholds child support paid

70 Modifying Alimony Awards
Illustrative case on having alimony modified in Arkansas.

71 More rights for couples?
More rights for couples? By Judy Lin - Bee Capitol Bureau Published 12:00 am PST

72 Mum fights for abducted baby's return
We represent this English mother whose baby was taken from Texas to

73 New article on Japan and International Child Abduction
The current issue of Metropolis Tokyo has an update on Japan's practices that fa

74 New Jersey Child Relocation to Japan
The Supreme Court of New Jersey has unanimously upheld a decision allowing a Jap

75 New Jersey Hague Convention Case
She's only 7, a schoolgirl from Elizabeth, but Arianna Adan soon may change st

76 New Parental Relocation Law in Connecticut
Connecticut has passed “An Act Concerning the Relocation of Parents Having Cus

77 O.C. spousal support case may set precedent
O.C. spousal support case may set precedent Yorba Linda man says he shouldn't ha

78 Overzealous Efforts to 'Collect' Alleged Overdue Child Support Are Unconscionable, Says Filmmaker, Aginelo Productions
An article about an upcoming documentary about child support. The film looks int

79 Paternity Tests: Not Just for the Rich
Paternity Tests: Not Just for the Rich By Nancy Shute US News and World Report N

80 Pre-Nuptial Agreements: New York Tolls the Statute of Limitations
The New York legislature has passed a law that clears up what had been an enormo

81 Prenuptial Agreement Upheld in Singapore
The Singapore High Court has enforced a prenuptial agreement entered into in the

82 Preventing International Child Abduction
The Uniform Child Abduction Prevention Act – which includes some specific prov

83 Putting An End to Divorce Wars
Is there a better way?

84 San Mateo County launches child support pilot program
County launches child support pilot program By Michelle Durand The Daily Journal

85 Separate Property Can Become Marital Property
Be careful how you use your separate property. It can become marital property i

86 South Africa and the Hague Convention
South Africa’s Court of Appeal has blasted the failure of the courts below to

87 State Supreme Court to hear gay marriage challenge
State Supreme Court to hear gay marriage challenge DAVID KRAVETS Associated Pres

88 Strategic International Divorce ™
International family lawyer, Jeremy D. Morley, announces the launch of the Strat

89 Teacher Class Action Case Appears Headed for Trial
Kevin Hickey has been added as co-counsel in a class action lawsuit involving te

90 The Grave Risk of Harm Defense in Hague Child Abduction Cases
A major debate is under way as to the future of the “grave risk of harm defens

91 There are Two Ways to Prepare for an International Divorce
Are you someone who always runs at the last minute to catch a plane? Or do you p

92 Thinking About Destroying that Computer That Contains Damaging Evidence? Think Again.
We are squarely in the age of electronic discovery, and courts have not been shy

93 Three Sides to Every International Child Abduction Story
The British media have been full of hype about a 12-year old girl who was allege

94 Top Reasons for Getting Divorced
What is the most common reason that people get divorced?

95 Top Ten Tips for Expats
… From an International Family Lawyer by Jeremy D. Morley

96 Urgency required in child abduction cases
The English courts -- unlike the courts in many countries, including in many sit

97 When Children of Divorce grow up
An interesting article on how children are changed by their parents' divorce. I

98 When Is a Saudi Woman Considered an Adult?
Maha Akeel, Arab News. Nov 2, 2007It is surprising and frustrating to see that w

99 Who Gets Frozen Embryos in a Divorce?
Which party in a divorce should get the frozen embryos?

100 Who Has Custody When the Custodial Parent Dies?
Who has custody of the children when the custodial parent dies? What legal acti

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