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1 . . . And some won’t
Meanwhile, a group of disgruntled former Mail Boxes, Etc. – and current UPS –

2 And Hooters is Still Looking For a Drink
In the continuing saga of Hooters' pursuit of a liquor license for its Big Beav

3 Brown's Platinum Shield Association Goes To Head of Class
The 2001 acquisition of Mail Boxes, Etc., Inc. by United Parcel Service and the

4 Chocolate or vanilla? And by the way, what’s your shoe size?
A New York investment firm is buying Marble Slab Creamery and MaggieMoo’s Inte

5 City, Restaurant Chain Continue Blows Over Pair of Hooters
Following up on one of our more popular blog entries ("Hooters Agrees to Size R

6 Coverall Sued Again
Two months after it settled a federal lawsuit bought by a group of 10 franchise

7 Customers voluntarily dismiss Taco John’s from E. coli lawsuits ...
Taco John's has been dismissed from a set of vicarious liability lawsuits filed

8 Do You Want Kimchee With That?
Franchising may be helping to break down the walls of isolation in North Korea,

9 Done Deal: Tall Stack Gets Taller
The acquisition of Applebee's International Inc. by IHOP Corp. previously repor

10 Home of the ??? It Takes Two Hands to Handle ???
In a prank conducted in connection with promoting the Whopper sandwich on its f

11 Hortons Hears a Who -- And Sues For Defamation
Coffee franchisor Tim Hortons has sued a popular Canadian radio talk-show host,

12 It’s like taking money from a baby (or its parents)
An Ohio court has entered default judgments against the former and current oper

13 KFC Seeks Papal Blessing For Fish Sandwich (Really)
According to this article, the president of KFC recently sent a letter to the V

14 Looking for a Friendly Face – and a Big Wallet
Friendly's Ice Cream Corp., may be looking for a buyer. This article notes that

15 More Convenience: BP to Franchise Existing Units
BP plc, the British petroleum company, will create a franchise network for more

16 Oops... Wrong Number
Benjamin Franklin Franchising LLC, a national plumbing franchise, recently bega

17 Papa John's Supports Future Entrepreneurs
Papa John's International Inc. has formed a national partnership with Junior Ac

18 Paul Davis Franchisees Aid Child Advocates
The website for Paul Davis Restoration and Remodeling recites that the franchis

19 Pooh Fighters
Picking a name for the brand is an important decision, especially when the comp

20 Popeyes Claims Church's Stole Franchises
The owner of Popeyes Chicken & Biscuits restaurants, AFC Enterprises Inc., has

21 Private Equity Continues to Flock to Franchising
Private equity firm Freeman Spogli & Co. has invested $45 million in El Pollo L

22 Rattlin' Dem Bones
The 73-restaurant Smokey Bones BBQ chain will be sold to an affiliate of Sun Ca

23 Restaurant Sued for Throwing Wok at Chinese Talk
Minado, a Long-Island, New York Japanese restaurant chain, has settled an EEOC

24 Say Cheese
Billionaire investor Nelson Peltz probably won't stop to pose for pictures. Pel

25 Sour Applebee's
A director who is the largest individual shareholder of Applebee's Internationa

26 Time to stop making the Dunkin' Donuts
Franchisor Dunkin' Donuts and Baskin-Robbins have brought suit against a New Yo

27 Togo's To Go Again, But Solo
Dunkin' Brands Inc. has sold the Togo's Eateries sandwich chain , its smallest

28 Triarc Focusing on Food
As expected, billionaire activist investor Nelson Peltz has not stopped to pose

29 Tribe Finds Nasty Surprise Under a Hard Rock
When the Seminole Indian Tribe of Florida bought the Hard Rock Casino, hotel an

30 Unfriendly squabbling at Friendly’s continues
Troubles at Friendly’s continue. (See "Looking for a Friendly Face – and a Bi

31 Venting over Vente on YouTube
A growing conflict between Starbucks and Ethiopia over trademarking of the Afri

32 Wendy's Franchisees Missing Dave
Wendy's largest franchisees have penned a letter critical of management since f

33 What some franchisees will do for a beer. . .
As the Hooters liquor license saga continues, a Cheesecake Factory in Braintree

34 While accident victim recovers $2 million from franchisor on vicarious liability claim
In contrast, Chicken Kitchen USA, LLC recently paid $2 million to settle claims

35 You’ll Need a Larger Mug to Dunk that Pizza, and Where’s Your Green Card?
In a fairly radical departure from its usual fare, Dunkin’ Donuts has a new “

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