Mitchell Report Summary

Report on Steroid Drug Use in Major League Baseball by Senator George Mitchell

The Mitchell Report concluded:

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  • There was widespread use of illegal steroids and other performance-enhancing drugs by Major League Baseball players for more than a decade, in violation of federal law and baseball policy.
  • 78 players are named including players on all 30 teams: 54 players were not previously linked to drug use, 16 were identified in earlier press reports, 8 were linked to separate federal investigations.
  • The only advises disciplining players if the Commissioner determines their conduct was so serious that action is necessary to maintain the integrity of the game.
  • Major League Baseball's response to the drug problem was "slow to develop and initially ineffective".
  • Basball's current drug-testing program has only been partially effective and the League needs to do more to address the problem.
  • The players' union and the Major Leagues Baseball Players Association were "largely uncooperative" with the investigation.
  • Recommends year-round, unannounced drug testing administered by an independent authority.
  • Use of performance-enhancing drugs by professional athletes encourages young people to use them with hundreds of thousands of high school-age athletes illegally using steroids.
  • Baseball should conduct a comprehensive education program to inform players and it's fans about the health dangers of performance-enhancing drugs.

Senator Mitchell interviewed more than 700 witnesses including 550 with various jobs in baseball and 68 former players. More than 400 other players refused to be interviewed. The Mitchell Report conludes that the use of steroids and human growth hormone "poses a serious threat to the integrity of the game" by giving users an unfair advantage. The Report raises questions about the validity of baseball records including those by home run leader Barry Bonds and top pitcher Roger Clemens.

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