DC Madame Phone List

Telephone Records of Deborah Jeane Palfrey's Escort Service (Pamela Martin and Associates)

Deborah Jeane Palfrey, known as the "D.C. Madam," owned and operated Pamela Martin and Associates, a Washington D.C. based, high-end adult fantasy firm for 13 years. The firm offered

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legal, sexual and erotic services across the spectrum of adult sexual behavior. She became the subject of an Internal Revenue Service (IRS) investigation and offered the following statement in her defense.


Good Afternoon,

My name is Deborah Jeane Palfrey and I owned and operated a local out-call adult service agency in the metropolitan Washington D.C. area for 13 years, from 1993 until August of 2006, when I closed the business and retired. The firm, Pamela Martin and Associates operated as a legal high-end, erotic fantasy service. I employed independent contractors, ages 23 years of age and up to 55 years of age, with 2 – 4 years of college education (many had graduate level educations), who either worked and/or attended school during regular business hours. Correspondingly, both the independent contractors and the clientele was upscale and came from the more refined walks of life here in the nation’s capitol.

On October 4, 2006, a full 2 months after the business had been voluntarily closed by me, I came to learn I had been a target of a 2.5 year investigation by the Internal Revenue Service when my home was searched and all of my assets seized; this based upon the federal government's allegations that the business was engaged in illegal prostitution activities. Such accusations came as a shock, since Pamela Martin and Associates functioned as a legal fantasy concern, without incident during its 13 year operational history. Having learned from past mistakes in judgment and in order to insure that the services provided remained within the boundaries of the law, each independent contractor signed a legally binding contract at the onset of employment stating she would NOT– among other things– engage in illegal behavior while employed at Pamela Martin and Associates. Furthermore, each woman was furnished with a guideline explaining the differences between legal and illegal sexual conduct.

In addition, no promises or claims directly or indirectly ever was made to a client that he should expect the associate to perform illegal acts for hire. It also should be stated, that IRS form 1099 was prepared annually by H&R Block® for the applicable independent contractors and all revenue was reported.

As you all know, I cannot answer questions at this time given the legal proceedings pending against me, but I thank you for your kind attention, fair reporting and will answer inquiries through my attorneys as I am able.

Telephone Records from www.deborahjeanepalfrey.com/telephoneRecords.html

The Records are grouped by year and compressed for speedier transition in .ZIP format.

1    ATT January 20 2002 - December 20 2002

2    ATT January 21 2001 - December 20 2001

3    ATT January 22 2001 - December 27 2001

4    ATT March 20 2003 - October 20 2003

5    ATT November 20 2003 - November 19 2004

6    ATT October 19 1999 - October 21 2000

7    Cingular August 24 2005 - December 1 2005

8    Cingular December 19 2004 - September 2005

9    Sprint August 1994 - December 27 1994

10    Sprint January 22 1999 - December 22 1999

11    Sprint January 22 2000 - December 22 2000

12    Sprint January 22 2002 - December 22 2002

13    Sprint January 22 2003 - December 22 2003

14    Sprint January 22 2004 - December 22 2004

15    Sprint January 22 2005 - December 22 2005

16    Sprint January 22 2006 - August 22 2006

17    Sprint January 27 1995 - July 27 1995

18    Sprint January 27 1995 - July 27 1995 II

19    Sprint January 27 1996 - December 27 1996

20    Sprint January 27 1998 - December 22 1998

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