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Paul Newman’s Will

Paul Newman’s will and codicil was made public last week, two months after his September death from cancer. Mr. Newman’s intellectual property rights were given to the Newman’s Own Foundation which has been the beneficiary of the profit from the salad dressing, popcorn and other food sold under the “Newman’s Own” brand.

Paul L. Newman, Westport father, as a philanthropist and movie stars.
Oscar The Color of Money charitable foundation food company that bears race cars and aircraft auction proceeds trust farmhouse bestowed upon his wife Joanne Woodward Newman
stake in several production companies, intellectual property rights
Newman’s Own Foundation, salad dressing, popcorn and other food under the Newman’s Own brand.
estate or made public by the probate court.
Joanne WoodwardJoanne Woodward three co-executors. Brian Murphy, Robert H. Forrester, an
Cora Casem of Queens
protect his image and the future treatment of Paul Newman, the personality, the product, the commodity
virtual performance or reanimation of any performance by me by the use of any technique, technology or medium now in existence or which may be known or created in the future anywhere in the universe.’

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