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Federick County Officers Jewell, Rochford, and Harris Still Serving Without Answering Questions about Regal Cinema guest’s Death


Regal Cinema Westview Stadium 16 Imax
Frederick County Sheriff’s Office spokesman Cpl. Jennier Bailey asserted three officers involved in the post-arrest asphyxiation death of Regal Cinema “holdover” customer Robert Ethan Saylor have not been compelled to make statements in the case before resuming regular work duty due to their rights under Maryland’s so-called “Law Enforcement Officers’ Bill of Rights“.

Two questions suggests local journalists ask the Frederick County Sheriff Chuck Jenkins; Frederick County State’s Attorney Charlie Smith; and officer’s Lt. Scott Jewell, Sgt. Rich Rochford and Deputy First Class James Harris.

      Does Section § 3-104 of Maryland’s Title 3, Subtitle 1 apply to off-duty officer’s working mall security?
      Should BOR shield officer’s from making full disclosure of their observations of a witnessed homicide before resumption of regular duty?

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