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Should NFL Television Commercials Feature Head Collisions?

ESPN Monday Night Football Commercial Features Three-way Head Collision

Two months after agreeing to settle a brain injury lawsuit for three quarters of a billion dollars, an ESPN NFL television commercial features the type of high impact head collision that is believed to cause traumatic brain injuries. slowed down the video to demonstrate the force of the three-way head contact during a play featured in the twenty-five second commercial promoting Disney’s Monday Night Football franchise.

The NFL has professed a commitment to reducing head injuries and has announced numerous steps towards that end including a commitment to review game video in order to fine unsafe play, adopting new rules and penalties, and funding a youth education program. The NFL Evolution website was created to promote these steps and educate the league’s fan base about the sports health and safety issues. Should these measures be extended to how the NFL and it’s broadcast partners select game play video to highlight in their television commercials and other promotional presentations?

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  1. USLaw on October 25, 2013 11:45 pm

    In light of the landmark $3/4 Million head injury settlement and renewed efforts to stem dangerous playing techniques which cause concussions, should the NFL be more careful about plays highlighted in it’s television commercials and other promotional material?

    For instance, a television commercial which ESPN aired during this week’s MNF broadcast depicts a three-way head collision as seen in this video replay. With all the spectacular MNF plays to choose from, should ESPN have chosen this unsafe tackle to promote it’s broadcasts and excite the audience to keep watching?

    The league donated $1.5 Million to the Heads Up Football program to promote safety protocols among youth coaches and athletes which avoid the type of head-first tackling shown in this commercial. How much more difficult is it for a coach to encourage impressionable young players to keep their heads out of tackles when the league itself celebrates such plays? Wouldn’t a more effective investment include editing it’s promotional television commercials more carefully?

  2. on October 26, 2013 12:16 am

    Animated GIFs of two controversial hits by Washington Redskin Brandon Meriweather lead to two game suspension (since reduced to one game):

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