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Andrew Auernheimer’s Arithmetic Crime against the Government: A Primer


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Weev’s tale weaves the same legal path as Aaron Swartz’s, even while his tactics– and fortitude– are bolder

While not as widely a sympathetic a personality to all, Andrew Aurenheimer’s plight ought to arouse concern and action among anyone who mourns the circumstances of Aaron Swartz’s unfortunate prosecution:

The controversial hacker’s punishment highlights flaws in the justice system, ” Rolling Stone.

Auernheimer conviction could open door to government overreach in hacking cases“, Fox Business News.

[Auernheimer Case] drives home the vital point that an unjust law is unjust whether it targets a saint or an asshole…. Hackers, Occupy Wall Streeters, artists, tech bloggers, and even venture capitalists [feel he is] a fellow pioneer who is now being punished for his ingenuity by a government that wants to control the world’s flow of information, “Gawke (and another personal vignette).

The Computer Fraud and Abuse Act Defense Fund

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