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Pet Food Recall and Deaths

Dogs and Cats Sickened by Tainted Menu Food Products

An unknown contaminent in tainted pet food sold under 100 different brands has been causing kidney failure and deaths in dogs and cats as first reported widely in March, 2007.

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The pet food brands thought to be tainted include Iams, Purina, Eukanuba, and Science Diet among others.

The pet food that has been recalled are "wet" foods-- those that include soft food and gravy. The toxic food appears to have more of an effect on cats than dogs. If you observe vomiting or loss of appetite, call your veterinarian who may recommend providing fluids to your animal in addition to other treatments to improve healthy kidney function.

A list of recalled dog food products can be found on Menu Foods Website at http://www.menufoods.com/recall and by calling 866-895-2708. Brands include: Americas Choice, Preferred Pets, Authority, Award, Best Choice, Big Bet, Big Red, Bloom, Cadillac, Companion, Demoulas Market Basket, Eukanuba, Food Lion, Giant Companion, Great Choice, Hannaford, Hill Country Fare, Hy-Vee, Iams, Laura Lynn, Loving Meals, Meijers Main Choice, Mighty Dog Pouch, Mixables, Nutriplan, Nutro Max, Nutro Natural Choice, Nutro Ultra, Nutro, Ol'Roy Canada, Ol'Roy US, Paws, Pet Essentials, Pet Pride - Good n Meaty, Presidents Choice, Price Chopper, Priority Canada, Priority US, Publix, Roche Brothers, Save-A-Lot Choice Morsels, Schnucks, Shep Dog, Springsfield Prize, Sprout, Stater Brothers, Stop & Shop Companion, Tops Companion, Wegmans Bruiser, Weis Total Pet, Western Family US, White Rose, Winn Dixie, Your Pet.

Diamond Pet Foods Toxic in 2005

More than 100 dogs died in the fall of 2005 when Diamond Pet Food Company shipped thousands of bags of dog food containing aflatoxin, a poisonous fungus, which grew in overly moist corn used to make the food. This mold contaminated the production process. A Clemson University lab found some of the food contained 21 times the level of aflatoxin allowed by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA). A class action lawsuit was filed in federal court in Knoxville, TN that claims the company was negligent and breached warranties and unfair trade practices.

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