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Where did the Money go? Madoff victims by geography.

A searchable index of the 10,000 individuals and accounts identified in court documents by AlixPartners LLC as victims of the $50 Billion Hedge Fund swindle perpetrated by Bernie Madoff. The database consists of names and addresses which are linked here to aerial/satellite and street level images of the identified property locations.

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Madoff Posts from USLaw Blog Directory

USLaw Blog Directory

Madoff - Bail Holds

Posted on White Collar Crime Prof Blog on January 12, 2009
Chad Brey, WSJ has an article online titled - Madoff to Remain Free. (see also Diana B. Henriques, NYTimes, Judge Rules Madoff Can Remain Free on Bail. This is not a surprising result as Madoff has not been convicted of...

Madoff Recovery Questions Answered

Posted on Representing Investors on January 16, 2009
Madoff Recovery Questions Answered How big is the Bernard Madoff scandal? The Madoff fraud is being called the largest financial fraud in U.S. history. Following Bernard (Bernie) Madoff?s arrest on Dec. 11, authorities estimate that the scale of the alleged s

Madoff allegedly ripped off MO, too

Posted on Crime Scene KC on January 17, 2009
That's according to the new state treasurer, who says the state employment retirement fund lost about $3.5 million because of the Madoff situation, the Post-Dispatch reports. Part of the proposed remedy? Siccing lawyers on Madoff.

"Chicago Law Firm Has Unfortunate Slogan"

Posted on Touro Law Center Career Services Office on January 09, 2009
An article in the ABA Journal by Debra Cassens Weiss talks about how unfortunate it can be to have a particular last name: The fallout from the Bernard Madoff scandal has reached Chicago lawyer Ari Madoff and his law firm?which has an unfortunate slogan.Ari Ma

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Madoff avoids jail, at least for now

Posted on Wills, Trusts & Estates Prof Blog on January 13, 2009
United States Magistrate Judge Ronald L. Ellis refused to revoke bail yesterday (January 12, 2009) for Bernard L. Madoff despite the following conduct: Madoff mailed approximately $1 million in watches and other jewelry to family and friends on Christmas Eve..

Madoff Debacle Hits Reproductive Rights Advocacy Groups

Posted on Reproductive Rights Prof Blog on January 13, 2009 Broadsheet: How the Madoff mess hits women, by Nancy Goldstein: For all the ink that's been spilled on the Madoff investment scandal, I've read nothing about its impact on funding for progressive women's causes -- which is considerable. Simply...

Victims of the fall of Madoff

Posted on International and UK Law on December 31, 1969
Everyone knows where Bernard Madoff is this weekend. As snow falls on Manhattan, the man behind what may turn out to be the financial crime of the century is under house arrest in his splendid $7m ($4.7m) Upper East Side apartment. Electronically tagged, h

Madoff Middlemen Are Circling the Wagons

Posted on on December 20, 2008
Not that it took any legal genius to figure out, but I mentioned a few days ago that the Madoff Middlemen - the advisers and hedge funds who put their clients' money with Madoff - are going to be the viable defendants in the Madoff Mess. Apparently the Madoff

Posner on Madoff

Posted on Legal Blog Watch on December 22, 2008
Did Bernie Madoff have the perfect Ponzi scheme? Perhaps not, because in the end, Madoff was caught. But for a while he had a good thing going. That's because Ponzi scheme (where returns are paid to investors out of money...

The Madoff Case: Another Black Eye for the SEC

Posted on NASD, SEC and Regulatory Defense Blog on December 15, 2008
Last week?s revelations about Bernard Madoff?s $50 billion Ponzi scheme raise serious questions about the efficacy of the SEC?s examination and enforcement programs. Although Mr. Madoff apparently managed large amounts of other people?s money for many years, h

FBI Arrests Bernie Madoff

Posted on Securities Law Prof Blog on December 11, 2008
The Wall St. Journal reports that Bernard L. Madoff, founder of Bernard L. Madoff Investment Securities, was arrested by the FBI and charged with criminal securities fraud. The complaint states that he told some employees that his business was a...

Bernard Madoff faces questions over transfer of $150m from UK arm$

Posted on International and UK Law on January 09, 2009
Stephen Raven, the head of Bernard Madoff?s British operation, has called on Mr Madoff to confirm that he did not embezzle $150 million ($99 million) of the UK unit?s cash or, if he did, to own up and return the cheque.

AG Recusal in Madoff Probe

Posted on The Illinois Personal Injury Weblog of Schaeffer & Lamere P.C. on December 17, 2008
From the Associated Press via Yahoo! News: AG recuses himself from Madoff fraud probe, by Pete Yost--Congress will investigate the alleged $50 billion Ponzi scheme run by Wall Street money manager Bernard L. Madoff, a leading House lawmaker said Wednesday....

WSJ Does Madoff Background

Posted on on December 21, 2008
The WSJ does some background on Madoff. Sorta interesting, if you are the type who reads biographies of serial killers.Madoff Created Air of Mystery

Jonathan Lee Riches v. Bernard Madoff

Posted on Crime Scene KC on January 31, 2009
More proof that Madoff has touched almost as many lives as Kevin Bacon: Longtime pro-se litigant Jonathan Lee Riches, who's Internet-famous for his numerous suits against Britney Spears, Bill Gates and others, now claims that Madoff ripped him off, too....

Bernie Madoff?s House Of Lies

Posted on Representing Investors on December 15, 2008
From humble beginnings as a lifeguard to a storied investment leader on Wall Street, Bernard (Bernie) L. Madoff has seen and done it all. Or, so he thought. Following Madoff?s arrest by federal agents last week for running a giant Ponzi scheme and losing at le

SEC Charges Bernard L. Madoff for Multi-Billion Dollar Ponzi Scheme

Posted on beSpacific on December 14, 2008
News release: "The Securities and Exchange Commission today charged Bernard L. Madoff and his investment firm, Bernard L. Madoff Investment...

SEC Charges Bernard Madoff with Running a Ponzi Scheme

Posted on Securities Law Prof Blog on December 12, 2008
Following on the arrest of Bernard L. Madoff for criminal securities fraud, the SEC charged Madoff and his investment firm, Bernard L. Madoff Investment Securities LLC, with securities fraud for a multi-billion dollar Ponzi scheme that he perpetrated on adviso

Could The SEC Have Uncovered Madoff?s Scheme Eight Years Ago?

Posted on Ethisphere Blog - Good. Smart. Business. Profit. on December 18, 2008
A great piece in the Wall Street Journal today discusses the dedicated efforts of a Mr. Harry Markopolos in trying to alert the Securities and Exchange Commission to the Bernard Madoff ponzi scheme as early as 2000. In 2000 Markopolis was a former employee o

Securities and Exchange Commission v. Bernard L. Madoff and Bernard L. Madoff Investment Securities LLC (S.D.N.Y. Civ. 08 CV 10791 (LLS)) SEC Obtains Preliminary Injunction, Asset Freeze, and Other Relief Against Defendants

Posted on The Datakos Blawg on December 23, 2008
The United States Securities and Exchange Commission announced that on December 18, 2008, the Honorable Judge Louis L. Stanton, a federal judge in the Southern District of New York, entered a preliminary injunction order, by consent, against Bernard L. Madoff


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