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Bausch Lomb Renu Moistureloc Recall

Contact Lens Solution Product Recall

Bausch & Lomb, Inc. has removed its ReNu with MoisturLoc from the worldwide market after the contact lens solution was linked to Fusarium keratitis. Fusarium keratitis is a serious fungus that is difficult to treat and often results in permanent vision loss and the need for a corneal transplant. Both the CDC and FDA have issued public warnings about the risk of Fusarium keratitis with ReNu contact lens solutions.

When announcing the recall Bausch & Lomb and the FDA suggested that the formulation of ReNu with MoisturLoc may be responsible for the high rates of fungal infections. The FDA and the company said the other ReNu products appear to be safe but CDC reports indicate there might be a problem with these solutions too.

Health officials still do not know what caused a rare fungal eye infection. However, they say more than half of the people with the infection say they’ve used a contact lens cleaner by Bausch and Lomb

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