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Landlord Entry Right and Tenant Privacy

When can a landlord enter a rented dwelling

A landlord can enter a rented dewelling to make emergency repairs at any time. A landlord may also enter to make necessary, non-emergency repairs after providing notice, the amount of notice in each state varying as indicated below. This entry right extends to the landlord's ability to enter in order to show the premises to prospective tenants and buyers.

State-by-state rules on the amount of notice landlords must provide before entering dwellings to make necessary repairs and/or show the property to prospective tenants or buyers (in non-emergency situations).

State Amount of Notice Required
Alabama No statute
Alaska 24 hours
Arizona Two days
Arkansas No statute
California 24 hours
Colorado No statute
Connecticut Reasonable notice
Delaware Two days
District of Columbia No statute
Florida 12 hours
Georgia No statute
Hawaii Two days
Idaho No statute
Illinois No statute
Indiana No statute
Iowa 24 hours
Kansas Reasonable notice
Kentucky Two days
Louisiana No statute
Maine 24 hours
Maryland No statute
Massachusetts No notice requirements in statute
Michigan No statute
Minnesota Reasonable notice
Mississippi No statute
Missouri No statute
Montana 24 hours
Nebraska One day
Nevada 24 hours
New Hampshire Notice that is adequate under the circumstances
New Jersey No statute
New Mexico 24 hours
New York No statute
North Carolina No statute
North Dakota Reasonable notice
Ohio 24 hours
Oklahoma One day
Oregon 24 hours
Pennsylvania No statute
Rhode Island Two days
South Carolina 24 hours
South Dakota No statute
Tennessee No notice requirements in statute
Texas No statute
Utah No notice requirements in statute
Vermont 48 hours
Virginia 24 hours
Washington Two days
West Virginia No statute
Wisconsin Reasonable notice
Wyoming No statute
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