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Obama Citizenship

: The Right Side of Life

Selective Service Update: Another FOIA Request

By Phil


As a follow-up to my recent Selective Service update posting, I received the following information from a concerned citizen by the name of William along with further analysis from a Plaintiff in some of the eligibility lawsuits.

This link pulls up a snapshot of the FOIA letter that William received on April 1, 2009. He relayed the following information to me regarding his query with the Selective Service:

I am a computer network specialist free lance here in … CA.

I have been following the BHO Birth Cert issue and cases for a year.

I don’t necessarily believe that the SS Form is a forgery, nor do I necessarily believe that BHO is of foreign birth. The fact is we simply don’t know anything because no one is allowed to have complete access to any documents of substance for examination.

I am investigating this [the SS issue] and others because I am a believer in government accountability and open access. Further, on something as simple as a birth certificate, or rather, proof of native or natural born status, should be a simple matter, but it is not.

It is quite possible that BHO was born in HI; just as it is possible that he was born in Kenya. It is also possible that, even if BHO proves that he is natural born, that he attended Occidental college under an Indonesian passport while also having registered for Selective Service as an American citizen.

The bottom line is– what is the truth and how do we find it?

When I first heard about Coffman’s internet results in succeeding in acquiring a FOIA copy of the SS Form 1 for BHO, I was skeptical [as I always am]– so I requested my own copy of the form via FOIA from the same Selective Service source, Mr Flahavan.

As to questions of forgery, who knows? I am not a document expert, and no one has access to any original docs. I just find it curious that there is an effort to assert with certainty  [ by Mr Flahavan] that “Mr. Obama did indeed register”–

Well, how does he know that? And of course, he doesn’t know. He doesn’t have any personal knowledge of the fact. All he knows is based on what information he is able to extract fro the database(s) or records he can copy. For him to assert knowledge of certainty is foolish or calculated. It would have been well better for him to simply comply with the FOIA and remain silent.

But, there it is. And what I have just told you is all I know about this matter.

On another but related topic:

Factcheck and other pro-Obama, “anti-birther” sites were claiming that the HI statute 338.71.8, having been enacted in 1971, proved that a 1961 Certificate could not have been registered in HI with Records by a non-birth-event registration process and therefore the Certification information was derived from an actual birth certificate, thus claims to the contrary would be false.

I was tasked by Mario Apuzzo [Kerchner v Obama] to research the existence of HI Territorial Act 96 passed into law in 1911, which I was able to find.

Thus 338.71.8 is supported by Act96 and there was a procedure available at the time [1961] for Stanley Ann Dnham to register BHO without witnesses or a standard live-birth certificate. [brackets original]

The Act to which William refers can be found here:

This book has been digitized by Google and is available for download here-

I am placing a copy of this document a free ftp download website for download as a backup:

Just follow the free download buttons. Avoid downloading any software.

I will amend my article and ask volunteers to see if they can contribute anything else.

This link pulls up the PDF that compares the Coffman and William Selective Service scans. The following commentary from one of the eligibility lawsuit Plaintiffs will help explain inconsistencies that they see:

[William]’s copy of “Obama’s Regsitration card “appear to be identical with the year being “08″ not “80″. There is no missing “8″ at the front of the number that the scanner “missed”. It’s an utter lie.

Comparing Coffman’s and [William]’s print outs.

1. The Last Action Dates are different. Why would they be?
2. Registration Date is missing from Coffman’s print out.
3. Permanent address is missing from [William]’s
4. The DLN’s are different and should be the same and reflect the DLN stamp number at the upper right hand corner of the form.

Why is the stamp date, one day before Obama supposedly signed the Registration Form??? Government agencies stamp forms after receiving them, not before.

Coffman knows what he is talking about. He used to work for ICE and the Federal Government for 30 years.

Don’t know if you caught this or not from Orly’s site and Dossiers, but the Selective Service Head is getting investigated for sexual harrasment and wrongful termination of a former woman employee. I’m sure that Obama set it up to cover for him, if he would ignore his forgery.

You can’t get around wrong forms for the dates the forms were supposedly completed. You also can’t get around the wrong stamps used.

See the following links regarding the eligibility saga:


Full post as published by The Right Side of Life on June 08, 2009 (boomark / email).

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