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: Golden Practices

Ready to Join Firms Who Are Breaking Old Business Models?

By Michelle Golden


Changing workforce mentality, evolving customer/client needs, and transparency of service are shining big, scary spotlights on many of the flaws in the professional-firm business model of old.

Some problems inherent in the traditional business model are:

  • Running firms as democracies instead of visionary businesses precludes innovation and differentiation because decisions result in the common-denominator option that so often comes from "concensus"
  • Micromanagement so typical in today's firms doesn't inspire people to do their best work and perpetually decreases morale
  • Butts-in-seats or 9-5 culture that doesn't work very well in today's business climate
  • Billing customers for work after the fact instead of offering them certainty in price

If you'd like to learn how to break free of these and many more symptoms of a business model that somehow survives (definitely not thrives!) despite its detriments, join VeraSage Institute's educators at one or more of these upcoming events!

Firm of the Future Forums in Australia - March 2012

Details and tickets available at this special event website for dates as follows:

  • Hobart - 2 March
  • Melbourne - 5-6 March
  • Brisbane - 12-13 March
  • Sydney - 15-16 March

The events are organized by VeraSage Senior Fellow John Chisholm (John Chisholm Consulting) along with five enlighted friends of VeraSage:Matthew Tol (Mta OptimaChartered Accountants), Michael Bradley (Marque Lawyers), Michael Stewart(Integrity Wealth), Matthew Burgess (McCullough Robertson Lawyers) and Steve Major (Trusted Authority Partners).

VeraSage Las Vegas - June 2012

Immediately following the AICPA's PS/Tech & AAM conference (10-13 Jun) VeraSage will host 2 separate but related programs in Las Vegas at the Aria! (The AICPA hotel room rates will apply)

  • Wed, 13 June, 2-6pm
    FREE event open to anyone and will feature Ron Baker, CPAs of various firm sizes who've led their firms through these business-model changes, and will culminate with a live THRIVEcast! Join us for this special edition of the popular podcast series during which Jason Blumer and VeraSage Fellow (& stand-up comedian)Greg Kyte will grill interview Mark Koziel of the AICPA and Tom Hood of Maryland Association of CPAs. For a hint of what they might cover, see Greg's February Accounting Update (video below) tackling the recently released AICPA's CPA Horizons 2025 report.
  • Thu, 14 June, 8am-6pm
    Program (not free, pricing TBA soon) features back-to-back plenary sessions led by VeraSage Founders Ron Baker and Dan Morris and Senior Fellows Michelle Golden, Ed Kless and Jay Shepherdin the morning. Dynamic workshops follow in the afternoon covering the subjects of Setting Price & Scope, Conducting the Value Conversation, Project Management, and Managing People in a Timeless Firm. Registration will be open to anyone and details will be available soon.
  • If you'd like to be notified when registration opens, email me with "VS-LasVegas" in your subject line!

Full post as published by Golden Practices on February 23, 2012 (boomark / email).

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