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: Butterflyfish

Law Prom

NOTE: I realize this is a totally shallow superficial "traditional" law student kind of post... and I am ok with that. Every now and then, I think its ok to be a little superficial and just have a good time.

Last year, I listed the pros and cons of not going to Law Prom.

This year, I went to Law Prom.

Last year, the Cons were:

dress shopping,
shoe shopping,
sitter shopping,

So I wore the dress I wore to my sister's wedding. Got inexpensive ridiculously cute sparkly siver shoes in the first store I went to, about two hours before I left for Prom. The backup plan was tacky but I didn't particularly care. It was a floor-length dress.

Dicta pointed out in the comments:
"on the con side dont forget dragging your husband to a place he almost certainly doesnt want to go"

He didn't, so that solved the sitter shopping.

the drama of signing up for a table

Could have been mildly dramatic going solo and deciding a little late, but I hooked up with a few other girls who were going solo for the evening for various reasons, and some other nice folks joined the table. Very nice set up all around.

Last year's Pros:

open bar


Additional pros I discovered this year:

The food wasn't bad.

They played a lot of Billy Joel and Elton John during the dinner hour. God help me, they even played American Pie.

The music for dancing was a good mix of Motown and "sweet sixteen party when your mom is paying the DJ" classics and bad/rap/dance stuff. I attempted the Soulja Boy. Did I mention the open bar?

My hair looked awesome thanks to a friend who spent about 10 minutes with a straight iron and bobby pins. Plus I got a hair trim earlier that day, so the effect was pretty dramatic.

My friend's friend provided rides to and from. Ahh, open bar.

Next year's mission: Bring Bullshark.

Edited to add: No idea what the Soulja Boy dance is? Click the link to see it performed by cute kids.

Full post as published by Butterflyfish on February 16, 2008 (boomark / email).

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