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Human Rights Law

: Never In Our Names

Hateler Youth - Homeland Security's Jegund

By Diane G

Crossposted from The Wild Wild Left.

"The children are our Future." Never has a sweet sentimental adage been more abused by its utterers by adults with visions of their own dangerous and demented futures, than when Hitler's Youth was in existence from 1922 t0 1945.


Until now.

As the mother of a 10 year old, I often look at my child's future, and my stomach cramps with ulcerated fear. Global warming, no economy, Constitutional shredding... yes, he will be up against so much, but nothing scares me more than the cultural acceptance of violence as part of life that ingrains every part of his world. Nearly every video game made and marketed, the most successful of these, are always military and murderous in nature. Our children weren't suckled on sandlot baseball games in the neighborhoods, they were nursed on "Lets blow the bad guys away!"

And they are now taking the next rational step in creating a Paramilitary Nation of Citizens who hate, and are dying to kill "Bad Guys" in real time.

This is what the Boy Scout affiliate, Explorer Scouts now looks like:

Just as our Boy-President was manipulated by images of Biblical passages transposed over Iraqi military action by Rummy, leading him to believe he was leading another Holy Crusade against Islam, and the "Left Behind" folks created a video game series to teach their children to "Convert them or Kill them," we now have real time Youth training shaping minds as young as 13 and a half to be proud little killers for America.


The parallels of the Hitler Youth being indoctrinated with the hatred of Jewish people, and being taught they were the only "good" people just trying to "protect" their beloved land, just begs to be made with the rhetoric of the people sponsoring this Explorer Scout program. Their motives and actions are so very alike.

From encouraging little girls being "EXCITED" solely by the gun aspect, to dressing actors for them to fight in traditional Muslim garb, to telling them to slam suspects in the ground and grind a knee in their backs; we are training these kids to ENJOY the degradation and killing of anyone their superiors tells them is the "bad guy."

They are training them to support border control and take out Mexicans as well, hoping to create the perfect agent: Bloodthirsty and on a Jihad to take out immigrants.

I fear for my son. I know I am raising him right. I do. But when hundreds of his peers run off to play paintball every weekend when he turns 13, and I ostracize him from his own society in order not to glorify that violent bloodlust, will he rebel against me?

They are playing this by the tainted book that Dictatorial Societies always try when Empires collapse.

Divide the people. Create scapegoats. Teach them killing for their country is "Just" and "Good." Insulate the police and military societies into siege mentality that "civ's and perps" just don't get it, that they are the Real America and the Insiders.

Make it "FUN" to kill.

Even should he turn out a young man of whom I am eternally proud, what society will he be living in when he and his peers come of age?

A polarized paramilitary society, where privacy is treason, you are either "for us or against us" and brutality is the norm.


As the waters rise, the food runs out, there is no work and the Fascist Face of our Uberrich masters, for whom profit is more important than the health care of we "useless eaters" no longer even bothers to veil itself will his greatest enemy not be any of those, but brainwashed people of his generation that think blowing his head off is an extra video game point?

Technology has long surpassed humanity, and propaganda always beats education, especially in a society where real education is suppressed, and questioning is akin to treason. This society is proving in real time that the rules we have made for ourselves no longer apply, and that those who wield the power will blatantly break them anytime they choose with no repercussion.

Uneducated masses with no way out are easy prey for indoctrination. Are they taking violence-suckled babies and creating soldiers or monsters?

You see, I do believe children are our future.

I for one, have the absolute shit scared out of me.

Full post as published by Never In Our Names on May 19, 2009 (boomark / email).

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