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Federal Judiciary

: Sixth Circuit Cases

Oct. 27-31, 2008: US 6th Circuit Court of Appeals Decisions

By Michael Stevens

CA6 Home


Opinion Short Title/District
08a0388p.06  Robert Langley v. Prudential Mortgage Capital Co
    Eastern District of Kentucky at Lexington

PER CURIAM.1 This case involves two sizeable real estate loans ? one for $43 million, the other for $14 million ? by Prudential, the lender, to Robert Langley, the borrower. The dispositive issue on appeal is whether two contracts, both of which included a forum selection clause choosing New York as the forum for litigation, should be enforced. The federal district court below determined that the contracts were invalid and thus declined to enforce the forum selection clauses. Because a valid and enforceable contract exists, we vacate and remand for the district court to entertain a motion to enforce the forum selection clause under FED. R. CIV. P. 12(b)(6) or 28 U.S.C. § 1404(a). 
08a0387p.06  USA v. Kuehne
    Southern District of Ohio at Dayton
08a0389p.06  Harkless v. Brunner
    Northern District of Ohio at Cleveland
08a0390p.06  USA v. Osborne
    Western District of Kentucky at Bowling Green

ROGERS, Circuit Judge. In this criminal appeal, Allen Osborne, a modeling agent who defrauded Fruit of the Loom with the help of a Fruit of the Loom employee, appeals his conviction of conspiracy to commit mail fraud and his resulting below-Guidelines sentence. Osborne argues that a variance between the indictment and the proof presented at trial affected his substantial rights and therefore mandates reversal of his conviction. The indictment charged one conspiracy while the proof presented at trial may have established two separate conspiracies, one of which did not involve Osborne. He also argues that his sentence is both procedurally and substantively unreasonable. For the reasons that follow, we affirm Osborne?s conviction and sentence.
08a0391p.06  Ralph Nader v. J. Blackwell
    Southern District of Ohio at Columbus
08a0392p.06  United States Student Ass'n Foundation v. Terri Land
    Eastern District of Michigan at Detroit
08b0017p.06  In re: Gordon Thomas, Jr. v.
    U.S. Bankruptcy Court - Columbia
08b0017p.06  In re: Anthony Shane Jones v.
    U.S. Bankruptcy Court - Columbia


Opinion Short Title/District
08a0655n.06  Diamond Shilo Craft v. United States
    Eastern District of Michigan at Detroit
08a0656n.06  National Business Development v. American Credit Education and
    Eastern District of Michigan at Detroit
08a0657n.06  USA v. Zakir Hakim
    Eastern District of Michigan at Detroit
08a0658n.06  Rebecca McGlothin v. Commissioner of Social Securit
    Southern District of Ohio at Cincinnati

Full post as published by Sixth Circuit Cases on November 10, 2008 (boomark / email).

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