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Copyright Law

: LibraryLaw Blog

NOLO Press ? a Librarian?s lifeline

By Mary Minow, Esq.


I am a big fan of Nolo Press. When I talk to librarians about copyright, I invariably recommend Nolo titles. So when Nolo?s Jennifer Balaco, Library Sales & Marketing Assistant contacted me, I asked her to put together a broader list of Nolo titles of special interest to librarians.  Of course libraries should get ALL their titles for library patrons, but which ones are useful for librarians to draw on to answer questions they face in their own work?


Below is the list Jennifer culled, and here?s a question from her to you:


Is there any legal topic that you really wish was covered in a book (not necessarily Nolo) that you just can't seem to find? I would like to offer a few possible topics that we may be missing in our catalog of resources, and would love to have some actual librarian opinions to back what I'm offering.


Resources useful to ALL librarians:

1. The Public Domain, Copyright Handbook, Patent, Copyright, & Trademark - These need no introduction... you even mentioned them already  [MM: True]

2. Effective Fundraising for Nonprofits - This has been the focus of several LJ articles recently. The most recent was Fundraising in the Downturn. 

3. Marketing Without Advertising - Hot topic in libraries (and probably for quite a while) - how to let the community know what we have without spending too much money

4. The Sharing Solution - As libraries have to do more with less, one possible solution is to begin sharing more resources. This book is a practical and legal guidebook designed to help people create and maintain successful sharing arrangements while addressing common concerns about liability and individual security.

5. Legal Guide to Web & Software Development - more libraries have in-house development teams create and/or modify their library systems and websites, it's important to know how to protect their work

6. Nolo's Plain-English Law Dictionary - an easy-to-read and fun resource for librarians to brush up on legal terms; it includes facts interspersed with the definitions to liven up a reference work

7. Legal Research -- I know librarians are the masters of information, but looking for legal information can at times be a stretch for the non-law librarian.

8. Library Law Podcast - I'm pretty sure you're very familiar with this [MM: thanks, Jennifer]

9. Legal Encyclopedia - - Free online content organized by subject matter... these articles are written by our legal editors and include legal updates.

        Especially of interest:

        -Copyright Law

        -Legal Research


Resources of possible use to government librarians:

10. The Essential Guide to Federal Employment Laws - provides an understanding of which business types must comply with each law plus detailed information about federal employment law

11. The Essential Guide to Family & Medical Leave - state-by-state information about family leave

Full post as published by LibraryLaw Blog on January 28, 2010 (boomark / email).

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