Zurn Pex Inc. Lawsuit

alleging faulty and defective plumbing led to property damage.

Zurn Pex Inc. Plumbing Fixture Defects

Defective Plumbing FittingsBrass plumbing fittings for Pex plumbing systems sold by Zurn Pex, Inc. allegedly fail prematurely. Homeowners claim brass fittings used to make connections in Zurn Pex systems were incorrectly designed and manufactured. As a result, the homeowners allege the fittings fail prematurely, sometimes within a year after installation. Substantial water damage may occur when the fittings fail.

Pex (a generic term for cross-linked polyethylene) plumbing systems use flexible plastic tubes which are attached to brass fittings, instead of the traditional copper piping. Zurn has used also used the following names to describe its brass crimp fittings: "QestPEX Crimp System","Qicksert fittings" and"Qick/Sert Insert".

Zurn Pex Inc. has sold more than a million of the brass Pex fittings. While originally honoring its warranty, since receiving hundreds of claims from homeowners for damages resulting from the faulty fittings, Zurn Pex has stopped paying claims, and homeowners must for the damages themselves.


Zurn Pex Defective Plumbing Fixtures Updates

Zurn Pex Plumbing: A Cautionary Tale
People who have experienced the horror of having a plumbing fitting, like the Zurn Pex fittings, fail know all too well what an ordeal that can be. In addition to damage to floors, walls and ceilings, there can be mold growth and other health risks to deal with. If a leak flows for long enough, a home can be made uninhabitable by even a tiny leak.

Zurn PEX: the Ticking Time Bomb Behind Your Walls
The retired doctor from Minnesota must have been thanking his lucky stars that he was home when his upstairs bathroom sprung a leak above the ceiling. He was there to shut the water off before thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of dollars might have been done as a result of a defective Zurn PEX brass fitting.

Zurn Pex Faces Class Action Lawsuits
Consumers who have Zurn Pex plumbing systems in their homes may discover that the system is not all it was cracked up to be. People have already experienced leaking in their homes that has caused significant water damage. Some lawsuits have already been filed, although as more consumers experience problems with their Zurn Pex plumbing more lawsuits will likely be filed.

Zurn Pex Inc. Legal Help

If you have suffered damages from defective Pex plumbing, please click the link below to send your Zurn Pex Inc. complaint to a lawyer who will evaluate your claim at no cost or obligation.
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