Albertsons Lawsuit

$15 million settlement reached in class action termination paycheck suit.

Albertsons reaches $15 million settlement in termination paycheck class asction lawsuit.

Los Angeles, CA: (May-22-08) A class action lawsuit was brought against Albertsons, by employees who claimed they were owed money after they quit, retired or were fired. The suit alleged that the company failed to pay these employees their final paycheck on the last day of work. Court papers reveal that the suit deals with terminations from 1996 to 2004 and includes former employees of the Sav-on drug stores formerly owned by Albertsons and the Lucky supermarket chain, which Albertsons acquired in 1999. Sources stated that a settlement agreement has been reached in the class action dispute, in which Albertsons has agreed to pay $15 million to resolve allegations. Under the terms of the deal, class members stand to receive up to $350 depending on their final pay scale. Payments will be split, with half in cash and half in merchandise cards. Officials said that Supervalu, which now owns the Albertsons chain, agreed to the settlement but was not involved in any of the delayed paychecks, as it didn’t own Albertsons at the time of the lawsuit.

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