Charter Cable Lawsuit

Faces Class Action for Unlicensed Workers

Charter Cable Faces Class Action for Unlicensed Workers

Charter Communications is facing a class action suit brought by a customer who alleges the cable company employed unlicensed installers to fix problems she was having with her cable reception.

Leigh Lamear signed up for Charter cable in 2003 and since then has experienced "the types of problems that can arise when work requiring electrical expertise is not performed by someone appropriately licensed to perform that work," according to the suit, filed in the St. Louis Circuit Court.

The suit also alleges that the Charter had Lamear's cable system reinstalled using unlicensed installers. Further the appropriate permits were not obtained, nor were inspections done by the City of St. Louis, which requires permits for wiring and electrical work, and it requires contractors and subcontractors who perform such work to be licensed by the city of St. Louis Committee of Electrical Examiners.

Further, the complaint allegest that there are a number of safety hazards that could result in a failed inspection. Consequently, the cable installation is not worth what Lamear paid for it, and, the suit states, will have to pay to have her house brought up to code. The class action lawsuit seeks to define the class as city residents who have had cable "installed or activated by Charter or unlicensed contractors of Charter" since 2000.

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