ASMP and Other Visual Artists File Class Action Lawsuit Against Google Lawsuit
Google Faces Class Action for Copyright Infringement

VA Data Theft Class Action Lawsuit
$20 Million Settlement Proposed

Sony Lawsuit
to Pay $18.5 Million For Patent Infringment

Getty Images Lawsuit
Faces Class Action over Premium Access

Google Lawsuit
Settles Book-Scanning Class Actions for $125 Million

Red Hat Inc. Lawsuit
Undisclosed settlement reached in patent infringement lawsuits.

General Electric Co. and SABIC Innovative Plastics Lawsuit
$3 million settlement reached in intellectual property dispute.

The Princeton Review Lawsuit
$2.6 million settlement reached in patent infringement case.

Spike Lee and Showtime Lawsuit
Settlement reached in script copyright infringement lawsuit.

Compellent, Storage Engine, et. al. Lawsuit
$10.5 million settlement reached in intellectual property dispute.

Trade Secrets Lawsuit
Razorsight agreed to pay $4.5 million settlement in infringement lawsuit.

Nintendo Control Lawsuit
Video game giant to pay $21 million settlement in patent lawsuit.

Medical Technology Rights Lawsuit
Alphatec agrees to $11 million settlement in patent lawsuit.

Adidas Imitators Lawsuit
Payless Shoesource to pay $304.6 million settlement in trademark lawsuit.

Buy it Now Lawsuit
eBay Inc. to pay MercExchange $30 million patent infringement settlement.

Patent Infringement Lawsuit
Gentex Corporation pays $2.5 million settlement related to dimming mirrors and fire protection products.

Underground Piping Lawsuit
Insituform Technologies awarded $4.5 million patent infringement settlement.

Soliris Patent Lawsuit
Alexion Pharmaceuticals Inc. agrees to pay the Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation a $10 million patent infringement settlement.

DNA Products Lawsuit
Agilent Technologies pays undisclosed patent infringement settlement to Invitrogen Corporation.

DRAM Patent Lawsuit
ProMOS Technologies and Mosel Vitelic pay MOSAID Technologies an undisclosed patent infringement settlement.

Wireless Entertainment Lawsuit
Kangaroo Media pays Immersion Entertainment $2 million patent infringement settlement.

Medical Technology Lawsuit
Ventana Medical Systems Inc. pays CytoLogix Corp. $49 million patent infringement settlement.

Zantac Patent Lawsuit
GlaxoSmithKline and Cypress Pharmaceutical settle patent infringement dispute.

Joke Book Lawsuit
Judy Brown and publishers pay undisclosed settlement to comedians and talkshow celebrities for copyright infringement.

Compound License Lawsuit
Palatin Technologies pays Competitive Technologies $800,000 agreement dispute settlement.

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