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Best Law Technology Blogs

USLaw Blog Index . Most Recent Law Technology Posts


The Best Law Technology Blogs

TechnoLawyer Blog

All the legal technology and practice management news that's fit to blog.

870 Entries Last Updated on 2011-04-01 15:36:35 (Pop 6)


Legal Technology, Technology Law and Other Musings

273 Entries Last Updated on 2011-03-09 00:06:33 (Pop 6)

The Connected Lawyer

Advances in legal technology and the effects that it has upon the practice of law.

259 Entries Last Updated on 2010-07-20 10:58:37 (Pop 4)

The Mac Lawyer

Using Macs in the Practice of Law :: Published by Ben Stevens

189 Entries Last Updated on 2008-12-01 16:11:52 (Pop 6)


Legal technology, practice management and items of interest to lawyers.

174 Entries Last Updated on 2010-05-20 09:30:46 (Pop 4)

Social Media Law Student

Information on the use of blogs and social media for lawyers and law firms from a law student's perspective.

167 Entries Last Updated on 2010-05-13 20:37:00 (Pop 3)
157 Entries Last Updated on 2016-03-08 18:25:14 (Pop 7)

Electronic Discovery & Evidence

A daily digest of cases, comments and other matters relating to electronic discovery and electronic evidence.

142 Entries Last Updated on 2011-03-08 11:07:00 (Pop 5)

Ross Ipsa Loquitur

Legal technology and law practice management issues including product reviews, CLE materials, corporate legal department technology, mobile lawyering and smartphones, Paper LESS Office(tm) developments, case/practice management system comments/tips/ideas, document management, legal billing, and interesting utilities. Also covers Factum, an online legal tech and practice management CLE.

131 Entries Last Updated on 2011-01-06 20:23:49 (Pop 4)

Legal Andrew

Productivity ideas for the legal world: law students, lawyers, Westlaw, and Lexis. It's all here!

122 Entries Last Updated on 2011-02-18 22:57:54 (Pop 3)

Freedom to Tinker

... is your freedom to understand, discuss, repair, and modify the technological devices you own.

99 Entries Last Updated on 2008-09-12 20:34:01 (Pop 7)

South Carolina Trial Law Blog

Focuses on using technology to be a better trial attorney. Trial tips, techniques and ideas from a plaintiff's attorney's perspective.

79 Entries Last Updated on 2010-05-20 16:28:35 (Pop 5)

the dark goddess of replevin speaks

::an irreverent look at lawyers and technology::blogging since 2002::

71 Entries Last Updated on 2017-07-14 19:22:00 (Pop 4)

Electronic Filing and Court Record Retrieval News

Newsfeed about electronic case filing and public record retrieval.

69 Entries Last Updated on 2008-06-13 09:27:00 (Pop 1)

Blawg IT

Latest trends and insights on technology related law, patent, copyright, trademark, information technology and software.

56 Entries Last Updated on 2008-05-23 18:39:00 (Pop 5)

Digital Practice of Law

Daily digest of cases, comments and practical references for applying technology to the practice of law and litigation support.

27 Entries Last Updated on 2010-04-27 12:18:00 (Pop 4)


Research, random thoughts, and slightly articulate ideas on legal education, technology and the Center for Computer-Assisted Legal Instruction.

25 Entries Last Updated on 2009-03-13 16:33:48 (Pop 4)

Tablet PC Lawyer Blog

News About the Tablet PC and the Experiences of a Georgia Family Law Attorney Using One

21 Entries Last Updated on 2008-02-15 08:12:36 (Pop 2)
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