About USLaw.com Blog Directory, Search Engine, and Feed Reader

The USLaw.com Blog Directory, Search Engine, and Feed Reader, like other such directories, search engines, and feed readers maintained by companies like Goole and Yahoo, indexes the publicly available RSS feeds of blogs and like websites.

RSS syndication feeds are intended to widen distribution of content by facilitating access through third party "feed readers" and other means. Syndication drives greater exposure across numerous online platforms such as feed directories and feed readers. This generates new readers for syndicatoró making syndication a low cost and easy form of marketing.

It is generally regarded that syndication feeds are intended to enable content discovery and consumption from multiple, third party access points, thus significantly increasing opportunities for web users to find and more conveniently consume reading material. The most popular blog readers are maintained by large commercial enterprises like Google, IAC, Yahoo, etc.

Blog Discovery

By focusing on law-related feeds exclusively, USLaw.com is able to benefit the legal content community in the same way these larger companies benefit the greater web. For example: 1) readers can browse all the new posts generated in a particular category at one time; 2) the one-of-a-kind Blog Tracking Service provides daily alerts about blog posts published on topics of interest to a reader; and 3) the Related Post section enables readers of one blog post to discover another blog that may also be of interest to them.

Readers Finding Bloggers, Bloggers Finding Readers

Unlike several other well maintained law blog directories which are primarily directed at an audience of legal professionals, USLaw.com is especially valuable to those seeking to expand readership among consumers of legal services, non-lawyers with interest in the law, and the general public. The benefits of the Directory are even greater for indepedent law blogs which are self-hosted and/or are otherwise not benefitting from the type of automated blogrolling that is provided by more expensive blawg service companies. New feature enhancements will be added in the near future to make this resource even more valuable to publishers and their audiences.

Limited to Feed Content

The only content indexed by the Directory and accessible in the Feed Reader is content made available in RSS content syndicaiton feeds for that purpose. Some blog publishers choose to configure their RSS feeds so as to include blog posts in their entirety. Others provide post summaries of varying lengths. (We believe the best way for blog publishers to control use of their RSS feeds is to change adjust feed configuration accordingly-- headline only, summary only, full content.) Every blog post contained in the directory contains clear attribution to the feed source and at least one, and often several, clickable linkback to the RSS feed's source. It is quite common for readers to click-through to the feed source to participate in comment threads and learn more about a publisher.

Best Law Blogs

The Directory strives to make a diversity of legal subject matter and points of view more widely accessible. And serves to expand audiences for bar associations, journalists, historians, marketers, law professors, law students, paralegals, and many others who blog about the law. Material spans academic treatment of the Supreme Court, to professional advice for solo practitioners, to libertarian views about bad police conduct, to radical theories about President Obama's Constitutional eligibility, to life in law school, to every day legal matters like divorce, immigration, estate planning, and staying out of jail.

Should you like to track a particular feed and/or nominate your own blog for inclusion, please tell us about it (please be aware there is currently a backlog of blogs requesting inclusion). You may also contact us with any questions, concerns, or requests to change participation levels.

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