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Law Technology

The Connected Lawyer The Connected Lawyer

Advances in legal technology and the effects that it has upon the practice of law.
By Bryan Sims, Esq.

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I?m Going to Oklahoma!

Posted on March 22, 2014
If you saw my Twitter Feed earlier this week, you probably guessed the news that I was not yet ready to share: I have been invited to speak at the 2014 Oklahoma Solo & Small Firm Conference. Needless to say, I am absolutely thrilled at this opportunity and am looking forward to my first visit […] Related posts: I Will Be Speaking At ABA Techshow 2014 Answering Simple Questions ISBA Solo and Small Firm Conference Starts in One Week

Another Reason I Am Glad I Am a Solo

Posted on March 07, 2014
This morning, like every Friday morning, I received an email from the ABA with a roundup of the top stories of the week. One was about an attorney in California who requires all of the male attorneys at his firm to wear a tie every day. Now I could not care less what this guy […] Related posts: Do They Do This Just to Punish Attorneys? Security & Social Media What to do if you Have Been Defamed Online

News I?m Not Quite Ready to Share

Posted on February 11, 2014
Today, I received received an invitation to do something that I really want to do. I am thrilled and honored to have received this invite. It is early stages right now, so I don’t want to say anything more. However, I promise to share more information later...

I Will Be Speaking At ABA Techshow 2014

Posted on February 07, 2014
I can’t believe that I have not mentioned this, but I will be speaking at ABA Techshow 2014. The title of my session is Leveraging Technology for Practice Efficiency. The session will be on Thursday, March 27, at 4 pm. I will be presenting with Victor Medina, which I am thrilled to do...

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Securifi Almond Router

Posted on October 28, 2013
I have discovered a new router that I absolutely love. It is the Securifi Almond Touchscreen Wireless Router/Range Extender. You can pick it up on Amazon for $90. The thing that I love about this device is that it is unbelievably easy to set up. On the Amazon page, they promise a 3 Minute Setup...

I Am in an Article in the Daily Herald Business Ledger

Posted on June 24, 2013
I was recently interviewed for a article for the Daily Herald Business Ledger. In the article I talk about how I use an iPad in my practice. They even sent a photographer out to take my picture. The picture was taken in the common area in my building...

Kane County Bar Association

Posted on March 06, 2013
Today I am speaking at a CLE conference for the Kane County Bar Association. I will be speaking with Jack Grewer about using an iPad in a law practice. I love my iPad and use it all the time in my practice. Therefore I am always happy to talk to other lawyers about how to […] Related posts: Upcoming Events Why Newspapers Are Going Out of Business Upcoming CLE Presentations

Service by Email Comes to Illinois

Posted on December 19, 2012
Recently the Illinois Supreme Court adopted an amendment to Supreme Court Rule 11, which deals with service of documents to opposing parties. This amendment, which takes effect January 1, 2013, allows attorneys to serve documents by email and it requires attorneys to provide an email address for service on all appearances and pleadings...

Gizmos, Gadgets & Widgets

Posted on September 24, 2012
Recently I had the honor of presenting with Nerino Petro at the ISBA Solo and Small Firm Conference. One of the sessions that we did was a Gizmos, Gadets & Widgets session at 8:30 on Saturday morning. I was pleasantly surprised with the number of people who turned out early Saturday morning for the presentation...

The Legal Practice Landscape

Posted on June 12, 2012
On Friday, June 15 ,2012, I will be part of a panel speaking about The Legal Practice Landscape: Thriving in a Climate of Change. This is a CLE sponsored by the ISBA at its annual meeting. However, you need not attend the annual meeting if you just want to attend the CLE...

Avoiding Ethical Pitfalls with Redaction

Posted on July 20, 2010
I recently noted that I had co-authored an article on metadata. The second part of that article has now been published by the State Bar of Wisconsin. This portion focuses on redaction. You can find links to both parts of the article here. I wantto give a big thanks to my co-author Nerino Petro for [...

I Co-Authored an Article on Metadata

Posted on June 16, 2010
The State Bar of Wisconsin recently published an article on metadata that I co-authored with Wisconsin Practice Management Advisor Nerino Petro. Nerino and I have spoken on this topic before on a couple of occasions. This is a topic that far too many attorneys remain in the dark about...

My Review of Chrometa

Posted on June 14, 2010
Last week Technolawyer published my review of Chrometa. You can download a copy of my review from my Files page or download it directly here. If you are not familiar with Chrometa, it is a utility that keeps track of active windows that you are working in and how much time you spend in each window...

Trust but Verify

Posted on May 12, 2010
I am fascinated by this story in which a person managed to persuade at least five television stations to put him on the air to demonstrate his prowess as a yo-yo champion. I understand that producers for morning shows have to fill their air time and I understand the desire to fill that air time [...

Multiple Monitors Does Not Mean Multitasking

Posted on May 11, 2010
I am a big proponent of using multiple monitors. Given this, you might be surprised that I agreed with much of what John Heckman had to say in his recent post Dual Monitors and Multitasking–A Contrarian View. John explains: I recently reorganized my office and wound up with an extra monitor...

What Going Paperless Means to Me

Posted on May 05, 2010
One of the problems that I have when describing my paperless practice to others is the fact that my practice is not really paperless. I use plenty of paper. In fact, a couple of days ago, I mailed out close to 100 pages of paper in court filings and courtesy copies...

Renumbering Your PDFs

Posted on May 04, 2010
I work with PDFs a lot. I can’t tell you the last time I pulled a paper file to look at a document in it. Instead, I look only at my electronic copy of a file. Navigating in a PDF, however is not always the easiest thing to do, especially if the creator did not [...

Second Monitors Allow You to Work Smarter

Posted on May 03, 2010
I know that I have written about this concept a lot. Thus, rather than blathering on about how much a second monitor can increase your efficiency, I will point you to an excellent post from Laura Calloway, the PMA for the Alabama State Bar. She begins: If you?re not already doing so, one of the most [...

Fighting Crime Through Facebook

Posted on April 30, 2010
I don’t practice criminal law. However, in the event that a future criminal stumbles across my website, let me offer a piece of advice: Don’t steal someone’s phone, take a picture of yourself, and upload that to the internet. Yes, I realize that the phone was set to automatically upload photos to facebook when the [...

HP Buys Palm. Yawn

Posted on April 30, 2010
Today, in response to the news that HP has bought Palm, Futurelawyer said: There was a time when I salivated at every new Palm product, and greedily grabbed one for myself. There was a time when a Palm was part of my wardrobe, and accompanied me every waking moment...

My Latest Acquisition: Samsung P2570HD

Posted on April 28, 2010
I have written before about how I believe multiple monitors can improve your efficiency. Last week I was working at home and the second monitor I had was not cutting it. The resolution did not allow me to see enough to work properly. Consequently, I jumped on to Amazon and started checking out their monitor [...

Metra: The Way to Really Not Work

Posted on April 26, 2010
In the Chicago metro area, our public rail transportation to and from the outer suburbs is provided by Metra. Overall the service provided by Metra is pretty good. Traffic in Chicago can get pretty congested during the construction season (approx. January through December)...

Maybe Blago?s Attorneys Should Have Attended an ISBA CLE

Posted on April 23, 2010
At Law and Conversation, Helen Gunnarsson is reporting about the motion recently filed by attorneys for Rod Blagojevich. The motion, which seeks to subpoena the President, was supposed to contain redacted information. The information, of course, was not actually redacted, and, instead, was simply covered by black boxes...

Security & Social Media

Posted on April 22, 2010
I use Twitter. However, I don’t usually post a lot of tweets. To be honest, this is mostly because I am usually doing something else and really don’t think about it. However, one of the questions I have always considered is how much information am I giving away...

Why Newspapers Are Going Out of Business

Posted on April 21, 2010
I am not one of the people who ran out to buy an iPad when it was released. However, given how much I like my Kindle2, I believe that there is a market for a device like this. One of the useful features of a device such as the iPad is the ability to read [...

True Mobile Computing

Posted on April 20, 2010
Both myself and my wife grew up in West Virginia. Before Easter went went to visit our families. Despite the fact that I can access all of my case information on my computer, it is still challenging when visiting the family because we do not have convenient access to high speed internet...

New Jersey and Virtual Offices

Posted on April 19, 2010
I know that I am late to this party, but I have been watching the debate over the joint opinion from New Jersey’s Advisory Committee on Professional Ethics and Committee on Attorney Advertising (note that this link is to a PDF copy of the opinion)...

After Only a Decade, The Cook County Law Library Enters the 21st Century

Posted on April 16, 2010
Recently, Solo in Chicago alerted the world that the Cook County Law Library in the Daley Center finally added wi-fi. For the first time ever, I can now actually work in the law library the way that I work every where else. As a nice bonus, not only do I have a wi-fi connection, but [...

Saving Time by Going Paperless

Posted on April 15, 2010
As usual, Ernie the Attorney has it exactly right: The advantages of being paperless are many, but it’s hard to appreciate them until you stop storing information in paper and learn to be comfortable with digital information. Once you do, you’d never go back to dealing with paper...

Some Great Web Site Advice

Posted on April 13, 2010
Amber Sparks provides some great website advice. In a recent post, she said: I tell anyone I meet?are you selling something? Then get a goddamn website. It?s not hard to do. In fact, it can be free. And yes, if you are a writer you?re selling something...

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