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Supreme Court of Hawaii Blog (Unofficial) Supreme Court of Hawaii Blog (Unofficial)

News and commentary about the Supreme Court of Hawaii and other legal issues

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Creating the Effects of Komik Resimler Easily and Quickly

Posted on July 11, 2012
Creating some amazing effects for photos is a bit difficult for some people. They need much time to create some amazing effects for photos. However, you can do it instantly today. Picjoke.net is the right place for you to create many amazing effects for your photos...

Buy Phentermine and Adipex Online

Posted on June 26, 2012
            All women want to have an ideal weight. There are some ways that they usually do in order to get an ideal weight. Reducing the calories that they eat is one of the ways that they usually do to lose their weight...

The Use of Prednisone among Women

Posted on June 12, 2012
As corticosteroids are powerful drugs suppressing the immune system in order to fight inflammatory disorders, there are certain risks associated with these drugs with the primary being increased danger of contracting infections and contagious diseases...

How to Find the Best Optimum Nutrition Products Easily

Posted on May 31, 2012
 It cannot be denied that having ideal body is very important, not only for women but also for men. There are a lot of practices done by people these days to be able to have very ideal body. One of them is by consuming some kind of optimum nutrition products that are available these days on the market...

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Call Center for Urgent Help

Posted on April 16, 2012
There are numerous jobs that very dangerous and vulnerable for the workers. For example is construction. Working as a worker in a construction is difficult and the salary is not very good. Therefore, we as the supervisors or higher manager must care about our workers...

Know Your Toe: All About Toe Pain

Posted on March 02, 2012
Some pains can have an obvious cause: others can be a mystery. The same applies to toe pain. There are a lot of potential causes for toe pain, and the cause depends on the signs and symptoms you experience. While some causes of toe pain are harmless and treatable at home, there are some that require professional medical attention...

Autoimmune and Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Posted on February 23, 2012
Classified in this group of diseases are rheumatoid arthritis, psoriatic arthritis, the spondylitis, systemic lupus erythematosus, scleroderma, Sjogren's syndrome, autoimmune disease in pregnancy, vasculitis and other rare diseases.Overall, these diseases affect about 1% of the population with a predilection in women 3 times higher than in men...

Coping With Cankers

Posted on February 16, 2012
The canker sore, also known as an apthous ulcer, or apthous stomatitis, is a widespread oral condition, experienced by 10% of the world's population. It is very easy to detect a cold sore in the mouth. Usually, the pain alone is a convincing indicator, and the ordeal of eating, drinking and talking with a mouth ulcer is known to many people...

Doctor-Patient Relationship: A Key Ingredient for a Successful Treatment

Posted on February 09, 2012
Did you know that when we feel understood by our doctor we do get better faster? In fact, the relationship between the doctor and the patient can stimulate...or hinder the efficacy of the treatment. Research has shown that people, who feel cared for with attention, not only reported a higher satisfaction, but also better results with their care...


Posted on February 02, 2012
In order to address the rising costs of healthcare, several different health delivery models have been proposed. Lets' take a close look at ACO's, Accountable Care Organizations. The ACO is included in the PPACA, the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act...

5 Ways in Which Environmental Management Can Help in Infection Control

Posted on January 25, 2012
Nosocomial infections are those that typically manifest themselves in a hospital setup. Such kinds of infection can spread in many different ways. That is where infection control comes in which is responsible to put in place various procedures and safeguards to minimize the risk of spreading diseases...

Let's Shake Hands With Eco-Friendly Pencils

Posted on January 19, 2012
Do you want a clean environment? Let's take it as a big yes!!!Our environment is our home, people dream, people talk big, people fight & and make new plans every night but its leads us nowhere but we need to think, what does it takes to live and create a peaceful environment...

Cyclops As an Expert in Laser Hair Removal

Posted on January 12, 2012
Scott Summers, otherwise known as Cyclops, is widely understood as the leader of the X-Men. Cyclops first made his appearance in X-Men #1 which debuted in September of 1963. One of the original X-Men developed by creators Stan Lee and Jack Kirby, Cyclops' main power is his ability to emit an incredibly strong optic blast from his eyes controlled through a mask and other eye wear that covers Scott Summers' eyes...

What Is An Oxygen Concentrator?

Posted on January 06, 2012
Oxygen concentrators are often used by people with chronic lung conditions or other disorders that cause them to have a lower than normal level of it in their blood. Although they aren't needed to ease symptoms of all lung conditions, they are particularly helpful in treating the symptoms of low blood oxygen levels...

4 Reasons Why Accredited CPR Certification Is Necessary

Posted on December 29, 2011
When a person has stopped breathing it means that the heart has stopped pumping blood and thereby the supply of oxygen and blood to the entire body has stopped. This occurs when a person has a respiratory or a cardiac arrest. The only way to help save his or her life is to make use of the cardiopulmonary resuscitation, or CPR as it is known in short...

Ten Surprising Health Benefits Of Limes

Posted on December 23, 2011
Limes are a bright green fruit in the citrus category. They are often grown in tropical environments and, on a historical note, helped sailors treat scurvy, which is a disease caused by a deficiency of vitamin-C. Limes are a small sour fruit that measure an estimated three to five centimeters in diameter...

The Key to Good Health - Supplements and Vitamins

Posted on December 16, 2011
Are you feeling tired? Not your normal self? Is each day harder or easier? If life is getting tougher, you may need some supplements and vitamins to perk you up.What Are Supplements Utilized For?Supplements have a number of uses that include health, dietary and body building...

2 Components of Bloodborne Pathogen Training

Posted on December 15, 2011
Entities like the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), and the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) have issued various guidelines to protect employees from several fields against bloodborne pathogens, and also encourage adequate training to minimize risks of infections...


Posted on December 09, 2011

3 Ways of Contracting Bloodborne Pathogens

Posted on December 08, 2011
Bloodborne pathogens are disease carrying microorganisms that can transfer from one body to another through contact with infected blood. Bloodborne pathogens can be transferred through various body fluids like saliva, semen etc and not just blood. However, these pathogens do not get transmitted through casual physical contact but through unprotected sexual contact, cuts and wounds, infected needles, etc...

9th Circuit unveils new website

Posted on January 08, 2009

Check out Hawaii Legal News

Posted on December 26, 2008
Please check out Hawaii Legal News for excellent analysis of the latest appellate opinions from the Intermediate Court of Appeals and Supreme Court of Hawai`i:http://hawaiiopinions.blogspot.com/

Exercise of eminent domain authority in Hawai`i just got a little trickier

Posted on December 24, 2008
The power to condemn land is one of the strongest powers to be exercised by state and county government. The Supreme Court's 3-2 ruling today may cause government officials to be redouble their efforts to be certain that the power is exercised appropriately, as it is now clear that incomplete condemnation actions may lead to damage claims by property owners and that the government will need to show that its asserted public purpose isn't "pretextual...

The State's budgetary duties just got even trickier

Posted on December 24, 2008
The Hawaii House Blog reports that the Supreme Court has ruled against the State's practice of depositing fee revenues into the General Fund:Supreme Court rules on Legislative Fee TransferAlthough the case dealt with the $3.5-million transfer of insurance-industry fees, the impacts could call into question the validity of tens of millions of dollars in the General Fund.

Pacific Legal Foundation fights coastal-protection regulation

Posted on December 22, 2008
The conservative public interest law firm Pacific Legal Foundation currently has its sights set on the California Coastal Commission:http://coastalhorrors.orgWill PLF's attention next turn to Hawai`i's regulatory framework of coastal protections?Founded in 1973 by Edwin Meese (who went on to run the Reagan Justice Department), PLF is one of the most active and successful legal organizations in challenging both civil rights legislation and environmental regulation, as reported by Bill Berkowitz two years ago:http://www...

Conform or be cast out

Posted on December 19, 2008
Robert Thomas reports on today's ICA opinion on the law of nonconforming uses:br /br /a href="http://www.inversecondemnation.com/inversecondemnation/2008/12/hawaii-appeals-court-lets-go-surfin-now-everybodys-learning-how.html"Hawaii Appeals Court: Let's Go Surfin' Now, Everybody's Learning How...

Live blog of this morning's Superferry oral argument is about to begin

Posted on December 18, 2008
a href="http://www.inversecondemnation.com/inversecondemnation/live-blog-superferry.html"http://www.inversecondemnation.com/inversecondemnation/live-blog-superferry.html/a

New Kaua`i prosecuting attorney interviewed on KGMB

Posted on December 16, 2008
Meet Shaylene Iseri-Carvalho:http://kgmb9.com/main/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=12443&Itemid=108(Mahalo to Planet Kauai for the link.)

Lack of clarity in law caused problem regarding holdover UH regents?

Posted on December 09, 2008
The Supreme Court chides the Governor, but Planet Kauai chides the Legislature:State Supreme Court should not have ordered the governor to replace UH RegentsWhat the court should have done was tell the legislature to write better laws, because this one has a hole in it.

For Real - 9th Circuit has no love

Posted on December 02, 2008
You want to know how you can tell when the Ninth Circuit doesn't like you? When it, inter alia, starts issuing published opinions that (1) reverse your judgments, (2) without the need for oral argument, (3) in two brief paragraphs, and (4) that further remand the case to a different judge...

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