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Intellectual Property Law

Coderights Coderights

Legal issues related to startups, specifically corporate and intellectual property issues.
By Michael Rice

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Last Entry: September 16, 2011 at 16:20:02

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Hello world!

Posted on September 16, 2011
Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!

Angel VC Gap

Posted on February 17, 2011
Being a coder who owns the rights to your code when you’ve received and accepted venture capital financing, does the venture capital firm you’re working with deserve to own part of your work. The answer to this question depends on the contracts you and your angel venture capitalist have agreed upon before hand...

Hello world!

Posted on February 16, 2011
Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!

Hello world!

Posted on February 16, 2011
Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!

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Hello world!

Posted on February 16, 2011
Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!

Bilski is not settled law yet

Posted on June 02, 2009
I'm kind of surprised, actually. The Supreme Court "granted cert" in Bilski. This means that the Federal Circuit's decision is far from settled law--and that the debate over the patentability of software is about to reach fever pitch. For more wonkish posts on the subject, see here and here.

Sotomayor and software law

Posted on May 26, 2009
I guess I have to jump on the Sotomayor blogwagon, so here goes. What impact would the presumptive associate justice have? The short answer might be "not a whole lot." After all, there are a few other justices on the court too. But over the next couple of days, I'll take ...

Finally got my Google business cards?

Posted on May 18, 2009
...no, I didn't get offered the General Counsel position, but I did get these promotional cards from Google for signing up for their profile program. And now I'm acting like a tiny cog in the giant (but subtle) Google marketing machine because I'm blogging about it...

Are you going to Seattle 2.0 Awards tonight?

Posted on May 08, 2009
I am?and that?s a big commitment for me, since I?m currently in the thick of finals. I want to see if my firm, a finalist, will win! Last I heard, the event was almost sold out, but you might still be able to buy a ticket here. ...

Check out SeattlePatents.com while I study for finals

Posted on April 28, 2009
As if it wasn?t painfully obvious from my lack of posting, I am currently entering the dreaded Finals Exam Mode. While I turn as white as my undershirt, I recommend you check out my favorite new blog, SeattlePatents.com! It?s authored by the excellent attorneys at Axios Law Group ...

Scope of a lawyer?s authority and Int?l Telemeter Corp.

Posted on April 14, 2009
International Telemeter Corp. v. Teleprompter Corp. , 592 F.2d (2d Cir. 1979), is an old case, but it came up in the context of my professional responsibility course--and it's an intellectual property case with ties to Seattle. Consequently, I felt compelled to write it up...

A defense of software patents in VC-backed startups

Posted on April 09, 2009
The other day, I was reading a few old posts from influential venture capitalist bloggers who were a bit equivocal on the value of software patents to a venture-backed firm. It got me thinking. It's probably true that the applications and the patents themselves don't create the kind of barrier ...

VC confidence moves up

Posted on April 08, 2009
Even though Coderights is more about intellectual property than the "business side" of technology, I thought this was worth passing on. Claire Cain Miller of the NY Time's Bits Blog says the confidence level of venture capitalists moved up a bit in the first quarter...

Burning the Ships

Posted on April 01, 2009
Here's a book you might want to add to your reading list. It's by Microsoft's Deputy General Counsel for Intellectual Property, Marshall Phelps. I don't normally follow what Microsoft does all that closely because I'm usually more interested in the startup scene...

An observation about the practice of law

Posted on March 25, 2009
Please forgive the substance-free content on Coderights of late. I am just getting back into my groove after taking a vacation in the Valley of the Sun last week. I'm currently taking professional responsibility, a class everyone has to take to graduate from an ABA accredited law school...

More on coders as inventors

Posted on March 19, 2009
As I mentioned earlier, I've been reading Ronald D. Slusky's book to help me understand more about "inventorship." Here's an interesting passage that, if you're at all like me, might pique your interest. On page xxi, Slusky says: The difficulty in answering What Is the Invention? arises in part because from the ...

What if another company has a similar domain name to yours?

Posted on March 18, 2009
Internet Specialties West v. Milon-Digiorgio Enterprises, Inc., No. 07-55087 (9th Cir. Mar. 17, 2009) The Ninth Circuit, where Coderights sits, offered some guidance today. An ISP, Internet Specialties, sued another ISP for trademark infringement over the other company?s domain name...

Patent Reform Act of 2009, the highlights

Posted on March 17, 2009
The following is a very high level review of what I think are the most important revisions in the proposed Patent Reform Act of 2009. Of course, the bill remains just that (i.e., it has yet to become law). First, the most important (from a bottom-line perspective) is probably the proposed ...

Are coders really inventors? How so?

Posted on March 17, 2009
I'm on Spring Break right now, and between some house chores, some outlining for class, and an upcoming trip to see family in Arizona, I'm also reading a copy of Ronald D. Slusky's Invention Analysis and Claiming: A Patent Lawyer's Guide that I "borrowed" from the office...

A first stab at a new law on non-competes in Washington

Posted on March 11, 2009
I have to confess that I'm unclear as to whether it is, or isn't, too late for my representative or senator to introduce new legislation down in Olympia this session. I made a feeble attempt to navigate the site, but decided calling would be a whole lot faster...

I wonder how I would rewrite Bilski

Posted on March 11, 2009
There are now two instances where I'm unsure that the court system is coming up with the right answers. The first is the Bilski decision and the Federal Circuit's "machine or transformation" test. The second has to do with Washington state's current judge made law on non-competition agreements...

Don?t laugh, but I have a theory

Posted on March 10, 2009
They say that habits take a long time to change, but I don't necessarily agree. I used to drive home from work the same way every day. Day after day, I took McDowell west to the 143. But, if one day the 143 were gone, I would just take another ...

More insights on Ferguson

Posted on March 10, 2009
I got an email from Ferguson?s lawyer, Scott C. Harris, that I want to share with you (with his permission, of course). Hello Michael, The Supreme Court held in Diamond v. Chakrabarthy that ?anything new under the sun? is patentable subject matter. Of course, they made exception for pure algorithms and things ...

Facebook and employment policies, a brief bibliography

Posted on March 10, 2009
I just did a quick look at what's been published on employers, their employment policies, and Facebook (specifically). I did not find anything specifically on point. Most of what's been written to date is related to the use of Facebook in making hiring decisions...

Ferguson digs into the meaning of ?machine?

Posted on March 09, 2009
The Federal Circuit handed down its decision in In re Ferguson a few days ago (No. 2007-1232). In the case, a patent applicant was seeking a patent for a "pure" business method patent. More specifically, the claims dealt with a certain business method for selling software...

Disclosure Meeting!

Posted on March 06, 2009

Can?t we all just keep innovating?

Posted on March 03, 2009

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