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Cerebral Palsy Law Blog Cerebral Palsy Law Blog

A blog dedicated to victims of cerebral palsy due to medical negligence.

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Last Entry: July 20, 2010 at 20:21:56

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Kelly's Kidz Helps Children with Cerebral Palsy

Posted on October 23, 2009
According to six year old Maggie Hermann's mother, Kelly, her daughter's cerebral palsy  has in no way slowed her down.    'She's just a normal little kid except that she's got cerebral palsy,' Kelly tells reporters. Maggie has been confined to a special wheelchair and is just like any other child full of energy and hope for the future...

Politicians Hold Health Care Meeting in NM

Posted on October 22, 2009
According to recent reports House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer, along with the CEO of Eastern Seals, recently met with children who are living with the disability, cerebral palsy. Eastern Seals is reportedly a non-profit organization that lends support to disabled youth...

New Device Gives Voice to Kids with Cerebral Palsy

Posted on October 20, 2009
A new device reportedly enables children living with cerebral palsy to communicate through voice recognition. At times, due to their disability, those with cerebral palsy are unable to speak properly. This can make it difficult to communicate with those around them...

Sidewalk Project to Help the Disabled

Posted on October 17, 2009
For those living with cerebral palsy and other disabilities getting around town can be far more frustrating and difficult than it is to the average person. One person who experiences trouble each day while out and about is Ben McMullan. When Ben, who is living with cerebral palsy, comes to a curb he can't simply step down for it...

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Teenage Girl Receives Millions in Medical Malpractice Case

Posted on October 15, 2009
A teenage girl who was born with cerebral palsy was recently awarded a multi-million dollar settlement in the lawsuit filed by her family against a Massachusetts hospital. The girl was reportedly the victim of medical malpractice and suffered from life-altering injuries during her birth at Pilgrim Hospital in Boston...

Triathlete Lends a Helping Hand to CP Victim

Posted on October 13, 2009
Two Michigan residents, who have led seemingly opposite lives, have grown to build a close bond and serve as an inspiration to many. The two strangers met by chance and ever since have a hard time spending time a part. Greg Simony, 30, was once an alcoholic who was overweight...

Settlement Reached in UCD Medical Malpractice Case

Posted on October 12, 2009
A settlement was recently reached in a lawsuit which was filed against the UC Davis Medical Center. The suit was filed by the family of a child who was born with brain injuries and cerebral palsy. The family of the boy blames the hospital for their son's injuries and altered living circumstances and according to the recent verdict, a Superior Court judge in Sacramento also found the hospital to be at fault...

Former Hospital Owes $43.5M in Medical Malpractice Case

Posted on October 10, 2009
A girl who was born with cerebral palsy as the result of medical malpractice was recently awarded $43.5 million by the former hospital where she was born. The settlement is believed to be the largest personal injury lawsuit in the history of the Capital Region...

What Is Cerebral Palsy?

Posted on October 01, 2009
Each year thousands of innocent people are diagnosed with cerebral palsy. However, many may not be familair with this dosability that affects so many and has been the subject of so many medical malpractice lawsuits in the United States. The term "cerebral palsy" can actually be used to refer to a number of neurological disorders...

Lawsuit Filed on Behalf of Boy with Cerebral Palsy

Posted on September 29, 2009
Recent reports state that a Chesapeake woman recently filed a lawsuit on behalf of the rights of her son who is living with cerebral palsy. The lawsuit has been filed against the Lawrence County Board of Developmental Disabilities and claims that the woman's disabled son's civil rights were violated while he was a student at Open Door School...

TheraSuit Helps Child with Cerebral Palsy Move

Posted on September 29, 2009
A revolutionary device has recently been credited for helping those who have received a cerebral palsy diagnosis be better able to walk and move. Matthew Eckley reportedly walked on a treadmill recently. He also successfully did 45 sit-ups and even touched his toes to loosen up his hamstrings...

Child Has Stroke and Receives Cerebral Palsy Diagnosis

Posted on September 25, 2009
When Jessica Spear gave birth to her son Brendon Spear she believed that aside from some abnormal behavior from time to time after being born he was a normal, healthy child. However, only weeks after his birth she reports that he was unable to turn his head to the right...

NCIA Ruling Stands in Way of Medical Malpractice Suit

Posted on September 23, 2009
An appeals court ruling that happened earlier this month may greatly broaden the number of brain injuries that can be covered by a 'no fault' insurance fund for birth-related injuries in the future. In its ruling the court claimed neurological injuries such as cerebral palsy that 'manifest at a later date', can also be compensated by the fund...

Newborns With Smaller Heads at Risk for Cerebral Palsy

Posted on September 23, 2009
According to recent reports, more than 25,000 children are born each year in the United States with microcephaly. Microcephaly is a condition in which the circumference of the head at birth is smaller than that of 97 percent of children when just born...

Patient with Cerebral Palsy Victimized

Posted on September 21, 2009
The Indiana Department of Health and Human Services recently ruled that found a local nursing home in Jeffersonville is deficient in seven categories. The ruling comes in light of an alleged sexual assault that occurred against a woman living at the home with cerebral palsy last March...

New Robotic Therapy Helps Children with Cerebral Palsy

Posted on September 19, 2009
Cerebral palsy is a disability that affects an estimated 8,000 babies each year. This neurological condition can have a lifelong impact on the movement and coordination of the body. Due to the nature of this disability and its affect on the brain and muscles, many children who live with cerebral palsy require a wheelchair or walker to move around...

Man With Cerebral Palsy Serves as Inspiration

Posted on September 17, 2009
D.J. Gregory born 10 weeks premature with underdeveloped lungs. During the time he spent in the neonatal intensive care unit, he was given too much oxygen, and as a result he developed cerebral palsy. The final diagnoses of the disability was given to his parents at the age of two...

Recycled Goods Used for Therapy

Posted on August 14, 2009
Making crafts has long been used by occupational therapists to help patients with mental and physical disabilities. Well what better way to create various objects through therapy than with various recycled goods? At the recycling therapist you can find different ways to be creative with your patients with the use of recycled materials...

Hippotherapy Helps Treat the Disabled

Posted on August 01, 2009
Hippotherapy is a unique treatment that can be used to help both children and adults with a variety of physical, emotional, and communication disabilities. This technique uses the movement of the horse to help with neurological function and sensory processing for those with cerebral palsy, autism, multiple sclerosis, traumatic brain injuries and more...

Therapies to Treat Cerebral Palsy

Posted on July 27, 2009
Although no cure for cerebral palsy has been found yet, there are various treatments and different therapies that can help improve the lives of those living with the disability. Two forms of therapy that have been proven to help patients with cerebral palsy are hippotherapy and creating crafts...

Resources for Cerebral Palsy Caregivers

Posted on July 23, 2009
Parents and others who care for a cerebral palsy child often forget to take care of themselves. However, it's important for caregivers to care for their own well-being – to receive for themselves the care, support, and encouragement they so selflessly give to their child...

Living with Cerebral Palsy-Related Paralysis?

Posted on July 14, 2009
Nearly six million Americans are currently living with paralysis, and about 7% of those cases of paralysis are due to cerebral palsy. That's approximately 412,000 people across the U.S., according to recent research by the Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation...

What's New in Disability Activism?

Posted on July 13, 2009
If you're the parent of a cerebral palsy child or a child with disability, it's a good idea to stay up-to-date on legislative decisions that may affect your child's education, health care, and future in general. The American Association of People with Disabilities (AAPD) is a great starting point to find out what's being done for disability rights – and it's a great starting point for becoming an activist for your child...

Settlement Reached in Cerebral Palsy Lawsuit

Posted on July 11, 2009
A settlement agreement was reached in a cerebral palsy lawsuit right as the jury was deliberating a verdict after an intense four-week trial. The terms of the settlement are confidential, but medical attorneys for the young boy at the center of the case and his family said that the dispute has been 'resolved...

Wheelchair of the Future

Posted on July 09, 2009
At the Brain Science Institute Toyota Collaboration Center (BTCC) in Japan, researchers have developed a cutting-edge technology that uses brain waves to control wheelchair motion. The technology relies on what's called a brain machine interface (BMI), and this allows individuals with certain disabilities (including some types of cerebral palsy) to interact with their world by way of brain signals...

Registration Open for 63rd Annual Meeting of the AACPDM

Posted on July 07, 2009
The American Academy for Cerebral Palsy and Developmental Medicine (AACPDM) will be holding its 63rd annual meeting in Scottsdale, Arizona in September. The meeting is open to healthcare professionals, special education teachers, and anyone else who is interested or involved in the care of a cerebral palsy child...

Promising Treatment for Rare Cerebral Palsy Type

Posted on July 06, 2009
Dystonia-choreoathetosis affects approximately 10 percent of all cerebral palsy patients and it is notoriously difficult to treat. However, a new study by French researchers shows promise for treating this form of cerebral palsy. Using what is known as bilateral pallidal deep brain stimulation (BP-DBS), researchers were able to improve motor symptoms in 8 out of 13 cerebral palsy patients who participated in the trial...

Debate over Magnesium Sulfate for Cerebral Palsy Prevention

Posted on July 04, 2009
Evidence has shown that magnesium sulfate – a common compound found in Epsom salt, for example – reduces the risk of cerebral palsy in preterm babies. However, there is still some debate as to whether magnesium sulfate should be administered for this purpose...

Today Show to Feature Story on Robotics for Cerebral Palsy

Posted on July 02, 2009
On Thursday, July 2nd, the Today Show will feature a story on the robotics research being conducted to improve the lives of children and adults with cerebral palsy. For the segment, the show visited the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago and the Blythedale Children's Hospital...

Coalition Fights for Accessible Technology

Posted on June 29, 2009
Laws intended to make technology more accessible to individuals with disabilities like cerebral palsy, hearing problems and paralysis, for example, are rapidly being outdated because of the rate at which technological advances are made.  To make sure legislative and regulatory safeguards keep pace, a coalition of more than 230 organizations was founded...

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