Dumb Foreign Laws

Stupid Laws in other Countries

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  • Children may not purchase cigarettes, but can smoke them.
  • You may never leave your car keys in an unattended vehicle.
  • It is illegal to roam the streets wearing black clothes, felt shoes and black shoe polish on your face as these items are the tools of a cat burglar.
  • It is illegal to read someone's tarot, or give them a psychic reading as these are forms of witchcraft.
  • Under Australian Communications Authority (ACA) regulations, your modem can't pick up on the first ring. If it does the ACA permit for your modem is invalid and there's a $12000 fine. - Telecommunications Act 1991.


  • All males over the age of 14 are to partake in 2 hours of longbow practice a week, which is to be supervised by a local member of the clergy.
  • Boys under the age of 10 are not allowed to see a naked manequin.
  • It is illegal to leave baggage unattended.
  • It is illegal to be intoxicated in a a pub or a bar.
  • It is illegal for two men to have sex if a third person is present in the same house.
  • It is illegal for a Member of Parliament to enter the House of Commons wearing a full suit of armour.
  • It is illegal for a women to eat chocolates on a public conveyance.
  • It is legal for a male to urinate in public, as long it is on the back wheel of his motor vehicle and his right hand is on the vehicle.
  • London taxi cabs must carry a bale of hay and a sack of oats.
  • Mince pies may not be eaten on Christmas day.
  • Picking up abandoned baggage is as act of terrorism.
  • Those wishing to use a television must apply for a license.


  • Between the hours of 8AM and 8PM, 70% of the music in the radio must be by French composers.


  • It is illegal to leave your house if you are not wearing underwear.
  • You must wear a shirt while driving a car.
  • You must pay a fine of $600 in Thailand if you're caught throwing away chewed bubblegum on the sidewalk. If you do not pay the fine, you are jailed.
  • No one may step on any of the nation's currency.
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