USLaw Blog Tracking Service

The Blog Tracking Service enables bloggers to better promote their work and empowers readers to find current and historical blog posts of interest.

  1. What does the Blog Tracking Service do?

    Users of the Blog Tracking Service receive a daily email alert whenever blogs they are tracking are updated.

  2. What does the alert contain?

    You will receive a single email each day whenever any of the blogs you track are updated. The email will contain the title of the new blog posts along with a brief sumary and link to the post.

  3. How easy is it?

    Very simple! Just register for a USLaw account and select the blogs you wish to track by clicking the 'subscribe' checkbox found next to the name of each blog in the USLaw Blog Directory Main Directory, Category Listings, or Blog Focus page.

  4. Can I change the blogs I track?

    You can add or delete blogs you track at anytime by visiting your profile page.

  5. Can I track blogs by keyword or subject?

    Yes, you will soon be able to receive alerts whenever ANY blog posts on a subject you wish to track. With this feature, you will be able to discover blogs that you may not have previously aware of and you will more easily be able to discover postings relevant to your interest without having to browse dozens of blogs each day.

  6. Does the Blog Tracking Service substitute for my Blogroll?

    No, you are encouraged to list all the blogs you read regularly and/or respect in your own blog. In fact, you will soon be able to automatically create a linkable blogroll containing all the blogs you are subscribed to. The USLaw Blog Tracking Service is very friendly to both Bloggers and Blog Readers.

  7. What other benefits does the Tracking Service provide?

    You will soon be able to keep a record of all the blog posts you read and bookmark your favorite for future reference. You will also be able to share comments about your favorite authors and blogs.

  8. Can I track blogs without having to receive daily emails?

    Your daily summaries will appear at the top of this page (the one you are currently reading) once you have registered and seleced at least one blog to track.

  9. Can I track blogs without registering?

    You will have to register to track specific blogs or keywords you select, but anyone can review daily blog summaries by category without registering by visiting Daily USLaw Blog Summaries.

  10. What else can I do by registering?

    We have lots of neat, new features planned to make blogging and blog reading more effective and more fun. Emails us your suggestions.

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