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Our services include:

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** Link to home page (www.uslaw.com), Law Blog Directory (www.uslaw.com/law_blogs), your blog's category in Directory (www.uslaw.com/law_blogs/?blog=__), and/or your blog's page in the directory (www.uslaw.com/law_blogs/category/__________).
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You may add our question and answer widget to your blog sidebar to enable your readers to ask you questions. Your answers will be published on USLaw.com with full citations and linkbacks to your blog or website.

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USLaw.com maintains one of the largest and most feature-rich directories of Law Blogs. Our Directory increases readership of law blogs among online consumers of legal information and raises awareness amongst the legal blog community. Blogs will be considered for inclusion if at least 80% of the content is directly related to legal issues. Many legal bloggers also include non-law related personal matters and opinions in their blogs. Unfortunately, some of those blogs may not fit the profile of our audience.

Please feel free to use the following form to nominate your own law blog or any other you feel worthy of inclusion in our directory. Thank you.

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